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20 Gifts For The Natty Boh-Obsessed

Eva Niessner

20 Gifts For The Natty Boh-Obsessed

Here in Maryland, Natty Boh is way more than a brand. It's basically a way of life! And if you have someone on your holiday shopping list who is just as obsessed with this one-eyed icon as can be, we've got plenty of great gifts for them. Here are just a few:

1. Boh Come, All Ye Faithful sweatshirt

Yes, this warm and cozy sweatshirt is both joyful and triumphant. 

2. Natty Boh Golf Balls

In Maryland, there are bound to be many fans of both golf and Natty Boh, and this set of golf balls is ideal for them! 

3. National Bohemian Retro Mug

Whether it's coffee, tea, or beer in there, we won't judge. 

4. Natty Boh Firefighter Shirt

Ideal for anyone who is a firefighter or who supports the great work they do -- we know Mr. Boh is a fan of them, too. 

5. Natty Boh Football Skyline 5-Piece Hair Tie Set

Help your sisters or girlfriends keep their hair looking its best with these cute, Natty Boh-themed ties. 

6. Land of Pleasant Living Stemless Mint Tumbler 

A refreshing beverage should never be far away, and your loved ones will never want to let this gorgeous cup out of their sight! 

7.  Natty Boh Black Surf Bikini Top

Give her something to wear to the polar bear plunge...or to hold onto until summer! Either way, she'll adore this top. 

8. Natty Boh Commemorative Can Pin

Where won't your friends or family members stick this pin? It's great for backpacks, jackets, and more.

9. Natty Boh Logo Black Pocket Square

Every dude should have a pocket square for those extra-special occasions, and we know the Natty Boh ones look best on any Marylander. 

10. Pride of the Chesapeake Shirt

Oh, boy! This fun, vintage-inspired shirt will remind anyone who receives it to live pleasantly. 

11. Natty Boh Logo Crab Mallet

Crab season will be back before you know it, and your friends and family members will be glad to have such a fun crab mallet for when the time comes!

12. Natty Boh Baseball Orange High Top Shoes

You'll hit a home run by giving someone you love these bright orange, Natty-Boh patterned shoes! They'll never want to take them off. 

13. He Sees You When You're Drinking Crab Shell Ornament

Every Christmas tree could use a little bit more of Natty Boh! This ornament couldn't have more Maryland pride if it tried.

14. Natty Boh Football Block Can Keychain

Here's a perfect little stocking stuffer! Any fan of Boh and football will want to get their hands on this.

15. Natty Boh Black Earmuffs

Keep their ears warm with their favorite local icon, thanks to these Natty Boh earmuffs. 

16. Boh Ho Ho White Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt has everything your loved ones will need to have the perfect Christmas -- Santa hats, red and green, and Natty Boh.

17. Natty Boh Christmas Tie

Help your boyfriend, brother or dad look his best at the office Christmas party with this festive Natty Boh tie.

18. Natty Boh Can Light Switch Cover

If your loved one is really serious about having Natty Boh everywhere, this light switch cover is absolutely essential! Perfect for man caves and dens. 

19. He Sees You When You're Drinking Shirt

Your friends and family members will love wearing this cheerful Natty Boh tee everywhere from Christmas parties to cozy warm living rooms.

20. National Bohemian Logo w/ Calvert Stripes Alumnium Sign

Aluminum signs make better decor than aluminum cans! Add something fun yet classy to your loved one's home, thanks to this sign. 

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