Pretty It Up With Route One Jewelry

Need something cute to liven up that outfit? Looking for the perfect accessory for a night out? Why just get jewelry when you can go a step above and show off your Maryland pride at the same time? Here's our collection of favorite Route One jewelry pieces!

Rose Gold Crab Claw Ring, $14.50


Our rose gold piece stands out from other rings--not to mention its fun, crabby shape! Throw a pinch of Maryland into everything you wear with our crab claw ring.

Maryland Flag Crossland Earrings, $18.99


No need for everything to match--our mismatched pair of cross earrings blends the colors and shapes of the Maryland flag with an artsy flair. A statement piece at its finest!

Sterling Silver Maryland Turtle Ring, $36.99


Who says a turtle can't be elegant? This beautiful ring celebrates a Maryland icon in sterling silver, and would make a perfect gift for a Maryland gal. And if you're planning on popping the question? Well, diamonds are so yesterday--turtles are what's in.

Maryland in My Heart Necklace, $25


Wherever you go, you hold the place you're from in your heart. So why not wear it around your neck? Our necklace shows the recognizable shape of the state, with a little heart cutout inside. You can travel the whole world, but with this necklace, you'll never leave your state behind.

Maryland Girl Necklace, $39.95


If you're a flashy Maryland girl who loves showing off her style as much as she loves her roots, we have the perfect gift for you! Let everyone know who you are and where you're from with our chic, fun necklace. 

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.


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