Brr! Warm Up With Route One

We're halfway through January, and it's gonna be a while before we get the relief of spring. Nothing left to do besides hunker down and wait out the rest of the winter, but that doesn't mean we can't look good while we stay warm! Here's a brief guide to a few Route One pieces that will keep you toasty all winter long.

Maryland Flag Beanie, $16.99


Mama always said to take your hat and not let your ears freeze, and with a hat like this, you'll be happy to listen to her. Bright colors and warm fabric? What more could you need on a cold winter's day?


Maryland Flag Arm Warmers, $32.99


Still biking this winter? You're a braver Marylander than I am for facing the cold--but you'll need the right gear! Route One takes care of its cyclists, and these arm warmers are just the ticket. 

Maryland Flag Infinity Scarf, $25


An infinite number of compliments await you when you wear a scarf like this--and you'll be infinitely warmer when you're waiting for your bus or walking to class than if you had forgotten it! 

Maryland Flag Ankle Socks, $13.99


Rule number one for getting through winter? Always have some clean dry socks ready to go. But plain white socks just aren't going to cut it for a Marylander like you, so get a few pairs of these Maryland flag babies--layer up under your boots, and you'll be the coziest resident of the state, no matter what weather gets thrown at you.

Maryland Grey Knit Beanie, $17.95


Loud, proud, and most importantly, warm. If you've got snow to shovel or a long walk in the blustery wind, make sure you've got this on your head before you leave the house. (And maybe take it with you when you're headed out of state, just so everyone knows where you're proud to be from!)

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.


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