Keeping it Local: Tea on the Tiber

We all know how nice it is to put on sweatpants, grab a bag of chips, and zone out in front of Netflix for a solid seven hours. Many of us probably could do that on a professional level. But maybe it's time to scrub up, dress up, and treat yourself to something a little fancier. That's where Ellicott City's Tea on the Tiber comes in.

I've never been the most obsessive tea person, but here, you really don't have to be. The menu is crazy extensive--so believe me, there will be something to like, no matter how picky you are. I chose a black currant tea, but there's everything from classic chai to fruity flavors to mint and oolong. 


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After you choose your tea, a server will bring a tower of treats--cheeses, scones, fruit, cakes, tiny sandwiches! It's not the heartiest dinner, but for a lunch, it's plenty. Plus, you get an entire pot of hot tea, all to yourself, and all served in teapots that look like they're straight out of a museum's china collection. 

It's a Victorian-style tearoom, so it's very quaint and cozy, and you'll feel like you've stepped back in time. Servers in French maid outfits complete the image of you becoming a duchess or duke and being in your own beautiful parlor. And while there's no dress code for you as a guest, it's certainly not a bad idea to dress up medium-fancy so you can look the part, right?


                 Also, there's a gift shop, so you can take all kinds of tea finery home! Photo via Tea on the Tiber

I can't recommend this place enough. It's cute without being all gimmick, and it's an excellent spot for a birthday party (as I did) or a bridal shower. And if you have a date that you're dying to take to one of the most beautiful old cities in Maryland, good news--Tea on the Tiber is having a Valentine's Day tea that is sure to impress. Of course, the seating is tell your Maryland honey to hurry up and make those reservations! Now, ready for a spot of tea?

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.


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