Featured Friday: Bmore Corny

We at Route One Apparel have a confession to make. We have a huge selection of Maryland-themed products--down to the socks, people! But we don't have everything. And that's why we like to show off some of our friends who make the Maryland-proud items that we just don't produce. If you've got someone on your Christmas list who can't get enough of tailgating (and who already has every koozie and sweatshirt we make), stroll over to Bmore Corny for the perfect tailgating game--cornhole!

"We began making cornhole boards as a hobby many years ago; but after bringing a set around with us and playing with friends and family, we realized that we wanted to expand on this fun, easy, yet competitive game that brings people together and turns any gathering into a fun one," said owner Alex Kratochwill in an email interview. 

Sounds like a plan! So who's behind the boards? That'd be Alex and Victoria, a business-minded young couple who want to share their love of creating games with the state (and the whole world!). According to them, "Alex does the finance, management, and construction/production of boards; and Victoria uses her skill sets of marketing and event planning to host charity/fundraiser and tournaments to help give back to our local community, while maintaining social media and customer interactions."

And the customers really love to interact with Bmore Corny--the pair works with each customer to make their board unique. 

"We have some of the best, fun, and corniest customers out there!" Alex said. "Some come to us with an idea or hobby to be integrated with their customized set and others come with a design and we just make it a reality! We get a lot of demand from our local customers, who love our Maryland/American themed boards and any of our orange, purple, and maroon designs."

Psst--these guys will work with you every step of the way to make sure your board is customized exactly to your tastes, and even deliver locally. 

"The beauty of our customizability, is that we can go in any direction our fans would like!" Alex said. "We're constantly pushing the limits whether it be adding a new game, corny sizes or built-in add-ons (beer-pong, ladderball, washer toss, etc), or using new paint types (chalkboard, glow-in-the-dark)." Yep, that's right. Want a board you can use to play in the dark? Bmore Corny is way ahead of you.

Best of all, this company is clearly as passionate about all things Maryland as Route One's fans are. Alex said they loved being able to make their products in Maryland and keep their money and customer base local.

"What's not to love about Maryland, besides the heat when you want snow and the snow when you want heat..." he said. "We love our state pride, our beaches, our cities, our ability to fish, hunt, ski, or swim. Our diversity, our sports teams, and more importantly our fellow die-hard fans, and customers!"

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All photos courtesy of Bmore Corny.


This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.




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