Route One's Holiday Shopping Guide: Significant Other Edition

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukkah, Kwanzaa or Winter Gift Exchange Day, it's stressful buying that perfect present. You really want your gift to matter, and for the recipient to really love it! Well, take a deep breath, walk yourself out of the mall, and sit in a cozy chair in front of your computer. Everything your Maryland-loving family and friends could want is right here at Route One Apparel, and we've got gift guides for everyone in your life.

Your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is always there for you. You've got that special person who'd leave the last cookie for you (well, usually), listens to your problems and who definitely deserves the best gift the state of Maryland can offer up. Don't disappoint! Route One is here to help.

Maryland Flag & White Crab Knit Beanie, $16.99


This is the perfect wintery gift for anyone--guys, gals, new sweethearts or lifelong partners. It's warm and fuzzy, and full of Maryland pride. So let those sudden Maryland snowstorms blow on! Your honey's ears will stay cozy all winter long, and they'll love you for it.

Solid State of Maryland Necklace, $25


If you're lucky enough to have a Maryland girl by your side, why not celebrate it with a state-shaped necklace? This is a perfect piece of jewelry for her, a delicate item but a bold statement of love for her favorite state. She'll love wearing it to the Chesapeake Bay or to her favorite crab restaurant.

I Crab Maryland Shirt, $18.99


He loves Maryland almost as much as he loves you, so make sure you get him the shirt that shows it! This bad boy will look perfect with just about any outfit, and he can wear it under basically any of our toasty-warm sweatshirts and sweaters for maximum coziness and maximum Maryland. 

Maryland Kiss Shirt, $20


What's the best way to romance a Maryland girl? A trip to the aquarium? A long stroll down a country road? A lunch at a funky cafe? Maybe, but an even better way to win her heart is a Maryland kiss! Even if your lips are chapped from the cold, this shirt is a kiss that's always nice to get--no lip balm required.

Maryland Flag Red Silicone Watch, $26.50


If your man is wasting phone energy checking the time--or if he just needs some Maryland-themed accessories in his life--the solution has arrived. This watch comes in a variety of colors, but the red really pops and compliments the other colors of the flag, don't you think? 

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.


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