Route One's Holiday Shopping Guide: Mom and Dad Edition

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukkah, Kwanzaa or Winter Gift Exchange Day, it's stressful buying that perfect present. You really want your gift to matter, and for the recipient to really love it! Well, take a deep breath, walk yourself out of the mall, and sit in a cozy chair in front of your computer. Everything your Maryland-loving family and friends could want is right here at Route One Apparel, and we've got gift guides for everyone in your life.

Today, let's talk Mom and Dad. They made your lunches, taught you how to ride a bike, and raised you up to be a proper Marylander, so they're going to need something great. Here are some picks for the parents:

Baltimore Baseball Orange and Black Tie, $22.99


It's a cliche to buy your dad a tie for Christmas, but it's certainly not a cliche to get him one that's this colorful and unique. If your dad is an Orioles fan through and through who also dresses up for work, this one will be a home run. Maybe he had to be in the office when he wanted to be at the games, but at least now everyone will know how big a fan he is!

Nautical Turtle Sterling Silver and Gold Bracelet, $49.99

Whether Mom is a UMD alumna or just a Maryland girl who loves all our state's pretty critters, she'll want a bracelet like this one. It's eye-catching, elegant and just a little bit fun, too. And this is a piece of jewelry that she can't get anywhere else!

Crabby Holiday Forest Green Sweatshirt, $28.99

Don't even lie: you know you want this sweater in every single one of your Christmas photos. Buy one for each of your parents, and then buy one for yourself. Matching in ugly sweaters is now the greatest idea ever--because now, it's Maryland style.

Blue and Lime Crab Key Chain, $8.50


Sure, mom needs something to keep her keys and reward cards together, but that doesn't mean it needs to be ugly or cheap! This is a beautiful keychain with stylish crabs that will make her purse the envy of her friends, and will also remind everyone that she's a proud Marylander. 

Crabby Calvert Maryland Belt, $29.99


Another twist on a cliche--maybe Dad has some belts already, but he definitely doesn't have one like this! He can pair it with a suit when he attends a Maryland celebration, or with some casual pants` while he's hanging out at a crab feast. Wherever he chooses to wear it, he'll know he raised you well enough to pick out that perfect accessory!

Maryland Flag Umbrella, $32.99


Whether they're walking the dog, commuting to work, or just running out to grab the mail, your parents need to stay dry and cozy in the unpredictable Maryland weather. This umbrella will do the trick--and it's so bright, there's no chance of them losing it in the car or the closet! 

This post was written by Route One Apparel blogger, Eva Niessner.




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