10 Great Gifts for a Maryland Baby Shower

Oh, baby! If someone you love is about to add a new member to their family, a baby shower can’t be too far off. And you want to make sure that bundle of joy has the coolest clothes in the Mommy & Me group, you’re going to want to bring one of these adorable little items to the party: 

1 Locally Grown Onesie

This onesie is perfect for the newest little crab in your family bushel! It’s never to early to take part in local pride. 

Somebody In Maryland Loves Me Onesie

Even if this little one is living in another state or another country, everyone will know that someone in Maryland loves them dearly!

Love You A Bushel and a Peck Onesie

Love them more than a whole bushel of crabs? That’s some serious devotion -- exactly what this baby deserves. 

4 I Woke Up Like This: Crabby Onesie

Every baby wakes up crabby, but at least they’re cute! And they’ll be even cuter wearing this onesie. 

5 Maryland Flag Vintage Onesie

Check out this classic flag! You already own a ton of Maryland flag products; now, start that special little one on the same journey.

Cutest Crabcake Onesie

Sure, other babies are cute. Maybe even really cute. But this baby is going to be the cutest crabcake of all, and this onesie just cements it. 

Get Old Bay or Cry Tryin Onesie

It’s never too early to teach our youth to put Old Bay on everything -- even before they’re born! (We all cry when we don’t have any, right?)

Maryland Nautical Flag Onesie

It may be a few years before this little one can go out on a boat, but you can still inspire some nautical love in him or her with this cute onesie. 

9 Maryland Tie Black Onesie

A newborn may be a little small for a tuxedo, but we’ve still got the formalwear covered (in onesie form). Black (and red, and yellow, and white) tie event? No problem.

10 Maryland Flag Bib

Don’t forget to protect all of these adorable gifts from the inevitable spit-up! A bib featuring the Maryland flag will do the trick nicely.


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