Treat Yourself! The 2022 Maryland Ice Cream Trail

Ice cream lovers, start your engines! The Maryland Ice Cream Trail is back for the 2022 summer season, and there could be a sweet reward in your future. 

This challenge was designed to help the Maryland public learn more about the state's dairy industry. After all, according to the Maryland's Best website, we've go over 300 dairy farms right here in the state! And plenty of that milk is turned into delicious ice cream.

Here's how the challenge works. There are ten creameries all across the state, from the west to the east, that are all participating. They are...


Broom's Bloom Dairy in Bel Air

Chesapeake Bay Farms, Inc in Berlin

Deliteful Dairy in Williamsport

Keyes Creamery in Aberdeen

Kilby Cream in Rising Sun

Misty Meadow Farm Creamery in Smithsburg

Prigel Family Creamery in Glen Arm

Rocky Point Creamery in Tuscarora

South Mountain Creamery in Middletown

Woodbourne Creamery at Rock Hill Orchard in Mount Airy


Got all that? Going to each of them will be a bit of a trek, but truly dedicated ice cream fans know it's worth it. If you find yourself at one of these specific places, take a selfie or a photo that makes it clear where you are! Once you've visited all ten, you can submit the photos to -- you've got until September 30 to complete the journey all over the state. 

Once you've sent the email, you'll be entered into the drawing for a prize package! The winner of the eventual drawing will get a $50 gift certificate for the creamery of their choice, a trophy, a children's book, and bragging rights for the rest of eternity. All of your fellow Marylanders will be jealous! 

Of course, even if you don't win, you still get to eat a lot of ice cream all over the state. And with the incredible ideas and flavors coming out of our local creameries, that's a win in its own right! Let us know in the comments which of these locations you love stopping at the most, and which flavors you recommend.


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