Still Looking For A Gift For Mom?

Did Mother's Day sneak up on you this year? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. If your mom taught you how to pick a crab, pronounce Ellicott City and Towson correctly, and raised you up to be an all-around proud Marylander, you'll want to get her something for Mother's Day that really reflects how great she is. Such as...

Maryland Crab Claw Earrings (14k Gold Vermeil)

We all know that Mom is worth more than gold -- but she probably won't mind getting a little bit of fun bling to wear on her special day! These crab claw earrings are unique enough to stand out from the other Mother's Day gifts, and Maryland enough to evoke a sense of state pride. She's going to be so excited to wear these out to Sunday brunch! 

Maryland Home Mosiac Art Prints

If your mother loves to decorate and can always be found marathoning HGTV, this is the ideal gift for her. After all, what could be more perfect wall decor than a mosiac art print that lets everyone know just where home sweet home truly is? She'll want to get these hung on the wall the moment you show them to her. 

Maryland Flag Wristlet

Keeping everything right on hand is Mom's specialty -- now, she can look especially stylish as she does it! This chic little wristlet is perfect for the mom who's always on the go and who wants to flaunt her state colors while she's at it. (And you know all of her friends in her book club are going to be jealous!)

Maryland In My Heart Necklace

Maybe you're living far away from your Maryland mom, or maybe she's far from her home state and really misses it here. (Or maybe she's in the Old Line state and isn't planning on going anywhere, and wants some jewelry to reflect that!) This beautiful little necklace will remind her that home is where the heart is, and that's in Maryland, always.

Crabby Susan Scarf

Don't worry; Mom is going to be anything but crabby when she finds out she's getting this lovely patterned scarf! It's perfect for her to wear all year round -- she can add a splash of color to so many of her favorites, and she can style it in lots of different ways, too! (See our guide here.) And if she can't get enough of this one, you can get her more for Christmas or her birthday!

Quilted Maryland Flag Tote Bag

Is your mom's current bag looking a little bit beaten up? Let's solve that problem with something super-fashionable (and really, what's more in style than the Maryland flag?). This quilted tote can help Mom carry everything she needs to get through the day, and she's sure to get showered in compliments as she wears it out and about. 

Maryland Full Flag Crab Stemless Wine Glass

Cheers to Mom! She does so much, and it's worth toasting her with a glass of her favorite wine on Mother's Day. Make it even more special by gifting her some stemless wineglasses that feature a classic Maryland flag motif. No need to save them for a special occasion -- any time spent with her is special already. 


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