7 Ways To Wear Your MD Flag Scarf

Congrats -- you're the new, proud owner of the classic Route One Apparel MD flag scarf! This accessory is basically guaranteed to get constant compliments, whether you're headed out for dinner and drinks or you just want to brighten up your look while you run errands. So what's the best way to wear this beauty? Honestly, we can't choose -- there are so many cool looks to choose from, such as....

The Extra-Easy Loop

1. Hold the scarf horizontally, without letting it unfurl

2. Loop it into a circle big enough for your head

3. Slide the loop over your head so the ends hang down in front

The Wide Loop

1. Hold the scarf out, unfurled, by the short end

2. Fold in half diagonally

3. Loop around your neck and tuck one end into the other 

The Infinity

1. Hold the scarf out horizontally without letting it unfurl

2. Loop it into one large circle

3. Twist the loop so it's two smaller, layered loops; place them around your neck

The Fashionable Fold

1. Hold the scarf out horizontally without letting it unfurl

2. Fold the scarf in half, so that the ends are even

3. Place the folded scarf behind your neck and tuck the loose ends through the loop

The Belted Beauty

1. Drape the scarf around your shoulders. Put your favorite belt on over the scarf so the lower fringes hang loose.

Knot Too Shabby

1. Drape the scarf over your shoulders and loosely knot it in the middle

2. Tighten the knot to just below your collarbone and let the scarf hang loose

The Elegant Drape

1. Unfurl the scarf and place it around your shoulders so it hangs free (and shows off your Maryland pride!)

You're looking great, gorgeous! We'd love to see some pics of you trying out some of these looks with your own R1A scarf, or a pic of you wearing one in a completely unique way. No matter which method you like best, you've picked one of the most striking accessories a Maryland fashionista can wear! 


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