Make Yourself More Maryland!

There are some things that seem just essential to being a Marylander, but even those of us born and bred here have dirty little secrets. Some of us just haven't experienced or mastered the things that make Marylanders unique! Well, I'm here to tell you that it's gonna be okay--here's a little cheat sheet to help you out with anything you're not feeling 'Maryland enough' for. 

Help! I don't know how to pick a crab.

It seems like something a Marylander can do from the time we can eat solid food--aren't we all born with a crab hammer in our hand? Well, some people are a little bit more naturally adept at it than others. And let's not forget our brethren (and, uh, sister-ren?) from other states who have decided to call our lovely Maryland home, but are a bit behind in terms of crab pickin'. This above video, courtesy of Faidley's, will teach you everything you need to know to open your crabs up like a pro. After all, they've been doing it a really, really long time!

Help! I've never had a Berger cookie. 

These chocolatey indulgences are a must for any Marylander with a sweet tooth. Not only are they sold online, they're also sold in stores all over the state. You can find out the closest spot to buy 'em here.

Image via Berger Cookie

Help! I've never been to Ocean City.

Now's the perfect time to book your hotel for the busy summer season--they fill up fast, so the sooner, the better. If you're planning to hit the big attractions on your very first visit, aim for hitting the Boardwalk (don't forget Thrasher's fries!), visiting the ponies on Assateague Island, and taking a spin on the Sea Rocket. And if you're a fan of just lying out in the sun instead of running around seeing the sights, well, good news--Ocean City's perfect for that, too.

Help! I want to find some local musical artists and acts but don't know where to start.

Be the first to find out about Baltimore's up-and-coming musicians by listening to WTMD--believe me, you'll be first to know about anyone cool coming out of (or into!) Maryland if you're a loyal listener. They also have lots of live performances at their studio in Towson, and be on the lookout for their First Thursday lineup for 2017--free music in Baltimore by really stellar acts. 

via WTMD

Help! I need some Maryland-themed apparel and gear.

You know, we're pretty sure we know just where to start. Happy shopping!




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