5 Easy Yoga Poses To Do During The Workday

Many of us think of yoga as difficult, time-consuming, and impossible to do anywhere but a yoga studio. But that's just not true! Yoga can be done at any time, anywhere -- even at your desk. If the return to the work grind is making you feel tired and achy, these poses can help you feel a lot better. 

1. Seated Twist

While you're sitting at your desk, take a deep breath and twist your body to the right as both of your hands are on your right armrest or your right leg. With every breath you take, gently twist your body a bit further. After sixty seconds, release and switch sides, twisting to the left instead.

2. Seated Crescent Moon Pose

Again, you can do this one while sitting at your desk. Place your palms together over your head and lean your body to the left so you're forming a crescent shape with your arms and body. Take a few long, deep breaths, then switch sides so you're leaning to the right instead. Take a few more long, deep breaths. 

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3. Standing Forward Bend

While standing, place your fingertips on the edge of your desk and bend forward so your arms and torso are parallel to the floor. Stretch your body, but don't push your head down. This will feel great if you've been sitting in a chair all day! 

4. Stork Pose

Stand up and hold onto your chair with your left hand for stability. Lift your right knee and hold it as close to your stomach as possible with your right hand. Take a few long, deep breaths. Then, switch sides -- use your right hand to hold your chair for balance and pull your left knee in instead. If your balance is good, you can lift your opposite arm instead of holding the chair. 

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5. Cat-Cow Pose

If you have a yoga mat in your home office (or a comfortable surface), start with on your hands and knees with your back as flat as possible. First, raise your head upward and let your chest sink downward as you inhale (the cow pose). As you exhale, raise your back into a rounded shape and let your head drop (the cat pose). Do this several times. 


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