The Story of the Jacket that Broke the Internet

Maryland Flag Sequin Jacket


At Route One Apparel, we pride ourselves in making unique and original merchandise. Most of us are home grown Marylanders too, so it’s always fun to make items that we enjoy wearing. Sequins have been a big hit this past year or so, especially with all the big concerts (Beyoncé, Taylor Swift) coming into towns and everyone enjoying an extra sparkle. We decided it would be fun to make a Maryland Flag sequin bomber jacket - but when we felt out our retail partners and dance studios, no one was initially interested.


Then our founder, Ali, decided to take the jacket on her next trip - and we relied on the customers that love us best, the ones that follow us and support us on social media. We asked if they would like us to carry the item, and the post went absolutely viral - with over 3,000 likes! Not long after, we were asked to feature it on the news. On that day, we decided to launch it for pre-order and we sold thousands. We’re very excited we decided to launch this item but most importantly, it’s been so fun watching and seeing all of the photos and content and happy faces of our customers out and about, getting stopped and complimented, and wearing this unique item made by a local brand!


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