We appreciate your support of our local business by purchasing one of our Maryland pride face masks!  Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding our masks and filters.


  • Your mask is machine-washable and reusable. Treat like any other delicate item.  We recommend putting in a mesh laundry bag on a high temperature to kill any germs. 
  • You can also kill germs using a UV light device.
  • Do not machine-dry. While still damp, gently pull and re-shape the nose/mouth area and allow to fully dry before wearing.
  • After wearing, always discard and dispose of the inner DIY filter before washing your mask.


  • Your mask is made from cotton on the interior and polyester on the exterior for a vibrant design, is double layered, and is effective for social distancing, blocking large droplets, and reminding you not to touch your face.
  • Your mask is fitted with an inside pocket for adding your own DIY filter.
  • Nearly any clean, new, unused common household filter (think vacuum, HVAC, or similar) can be disassembled and cut to fit into your mask. Pre-purchased filter inserts such as PM 2.5s work but may be scarce.

*When assessing filter usage, please consider the product’s MERV rating. MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) values vary from 1 to 16. The higher the MERV number, the better the filter will perform against airborne particles.


  • Your mask is one size fits most: fitted for ages 10+. Elastic ties extend just under 4" out from each side.
  • Your mask is made with generously sized ear elastics. For a closer fit: simply knot the elastics or cut & tie to customize your fit.



Why did some orders take a long time to ship?

  • Due to high demand and employee safety, it too us longer than expected to catch up and fulfill all orders. We have gotten new systems in place that allow us to offer faster turn around time. 
Why didn't I receive my whole order?
  • Sometimes we might have to split your order. Don't worry, your other items will arrive in an additional shipment as soon as possible. If they're not please contact our customer support team. 
Where do the masks ship from?
  • Towson, Marland