Work Out All Summer Long With These 10 Items

The sun is out and the weather is gorgeous -- don’t you want to go have a great workout? If summer is calling you to go outside and work up a sweat, we don’t blame you one bit. That’s why we have so many products to help you look and feel your best! Check out a few of our favorites here:

Full Old Bay Can Running Shorts

Ready to run? When you’re wearing this Old Bay can patterned pair of running shorts, you sure will be, even if you’re just running down to the nearest store to pick up more of your favorite spice. 

Old Bay Can Pattern Sides Yoga Pants

No matter how you stretch, these Old Bay-themed leggings can keep up with you through every flow! They’re perfect for dance class and warming up, too -- and they’re cute enough to wear when you run errands afterwards.


Black Maryland Flag Outline Sports Bra

An intense workout requires a sturdy sports bra, and we’ve got just the thing! Whether you wear it with a shirt or not, this sports bra combines fashion, function, and Maryland pride perfectly. 


Maryland Flag Shorts

You can’t go wrong with these classic MD flag shorts, whether you’re playing basketball, walking, or going to the gym. 

Maryland Flag Microfiber Towel

Swimming is one of the best workouts you can do, and if you’re planning to give Michael Phelps a run (swim?) for his money, you’ll need a good towel at your side. This one is sure to make your workout a little more fun! 


UMD Terrapins Grey Shorts

Show off your pride in your alma mater everywhere you go running, thanks to our grey MD shorts! Turtles might be slow, but you sure won’t be.

Maryland Flag Yoga Mat

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, if you do yoga, you’re going to love this Maryland flag yoga mat! Now, if only there was a crab cake pose...

Maryland Flag Soccer Ball

There’s nothing more fun than grabbing some friends and starting an impromptu soccer game -- but for that, you need a soccer ball. Don’t worry! We’ve got a Maryland flag soccer ball that’s sure to be the star of every game.


Maryland Sport Red Shirt

Whether you’re running, hiking, or crushing it at the gym, you’re going to want the right sport shirt to be active in! We’ve got a series of sport shirts adorned with the MD flag logo, like this red one. 

Old Bay Can Pattern Sides Running Shorts

Ladies, are you looking for a cool new pair of shorts to go running in? Tell yourself “Yes, I can” when you’re wearing this Old Bay can pattern sides pair of running shorts!


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