What's The Best Park in Maryland?

You know that Maryland is full of natural beauty. But you may not realize how many parks actually exist here! For such a small state, Maryland has state and national parks aplenty, and you're never too far from one. Which one is your favorite? If you haven't chosen yet, let us give you a few of our contenders. 

Calvert Cliffs State Park

Going into this park is like taking a time machine back millions of years ago! A popular activity here is searching for fossils along the beach (and the park even provides shovels and sieves). Of course, you can also enjoy other activities, like fishing and picnicking, while you're here. You can also admire the cliffs themselves.

Cunningham Falls State Park

If you're hoping to see wildlife, Cunningham Falls State Park is the place for you! You may spot eagles, turtles, and maybe even a bear! Visit the Scales and Tails aviary to meet some local animal friends. Stretch out your legs on a hike through the gorgeous falls themselves, and snap a few pictures to post on Instagram when you get home.

Elk Neck State Park

There's more to this lovely park than the Turkey Point lighthouse, but it's hard to deny how striking this site is! You can hike up to the lighthouse with a leashed dog, or you can enjoy swimming or kayaking in the park instead if you're not in the mood to walk. From the cliffs to the marshes, there's so much to see! 

C&O Canal National Historical Park

From the mighty Great Falls to the mule-pulled boats, there's so much to see at the C&O Canal National Historical Park! This is the perfect place to go if you're fascinated by the history of Maryland as much as its natural splendor. You can even ride your horse through the park if you're so inclined! 

Seneca Creek State Park

This state park is ideal for the Marylander on the move! Mountain biking, disc golf, hiking and boating are all choices for a visitor, and there are some amazing historical spots to visit. From the peony garden to the old mill, there's so much of Montgomery County's past to discover here! 

Do you have another favorite park here in Maryland? Let us know in the comments which one you love best! 



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