Travel In Style With Route One!

Whether you've been visiting with far-away family members this holiday season or you've decided to make your resolution for 2018 to travel more, there are probably a lot of planes, trains, and automobiles in your future. How cool! Travel is one of the most fun things you can do with your time -- but without the right gear, it can be one of the most frustrating things, too. Luckily, we've got plenty of great travel gear to choose from. Sure, you can't control if your flight gets delayed or the gas prices go up, but at least you'll look amazing on the go!

Start off with a duffel bag -- the thing that's going to keep it all together. Pants, shoes, laptops (be sure to take that one out of your bag when you're going through security!) -- the big stuff -- all need a place to call home, and this is it. With a bright and eye-catching flag pattern, it's going to be easy to spot on the baggage carousel!

But suppose -- heaven forbid -- that your luggage gets lost. None of us want to think about it, but it pays to be prepared. That's where our luggage tags come in. They're not just fun, colorful, Maryland-proud decoration for your bags and suitcases. They'll get your items back to you more quickly if there's a mix-up at the airport. 

Want to keep all of that luggage -- suitcases, bags, backpacks, pilows and stuffed animals -- from getting separated as you make your way through the airport or bus station? You're going to want a luggage strap. It makes life so much easier, and why get a plain, boring one when you can opt for the Maryland flag design? 

Of course, that stuff is probably all going to get checked or tossed in the overhead bin for safekeeping once you're on the plane or bus. But when it comes to the things you need to have on hand during your trip (snacks, headphones, phone charger, that good stuff), you'll need something a little smaller. We've got you covered!


For starters, our backpack is a great way to tote those necessary things around -- unisex, easy to spot, and perfect for storing your good book or magazine. It's also ideal for stashing your stuff if you're just taking a short weekend trip! 

The fanny pack is a great option if you're going hands-free -- maybe you're wrangling some little kids and need a few small things right on hand, or maybe you're heading out on a walk on your trip and only want to tote around the essentials all day. Either way, this little guy wins! 

Need something else to keep all of your stuff on hand as you head out on your journey? Maybe something more stylish? The great thing about our canvas handbag is that it's awesome for day-to-day use -- but when it comes to travel, it's a striking, fun accessory that everyone at BWI will compliment you on. (Trust us, getting praised for being so stylish makes that wait in the security line much nicer!)

Of course, you shouldn't have to stick all of your makeup into that purse, especially when you've got a much better option -- a hanging travel cosmetic bag! This little baby makes it super-simple to get everything in front of you, even at the hotel room sink, and your favorite cosmetics won't get lost in transit. Nice!

What's your favorite R1A travel accessory? Let us know on social media!


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