The Scariest Stories for Marylanders

Gather round the campfire, boys and girls. As we get closer to Halloween and the air gets chilly, the time is right for scary stories--and if you're a Marylander, these stories may be just too scary to bear.

The campfire's roaring...turn back now if you don't want to be terrified!

The Endless Beltway

Once, a man was driving on the Beltway...and his exit never appeared. He drove in endless circles around Baltimore, over and over....but his exit was nowhere to be found. Some still say you can hear him on lonely, moonlit nights, shouting expletives at passing drivers.

The Weather Warp

They say that if you go outside on any given day in Maryland wearing shorts, it will start snowing twenty minutes later. Go out wearing a coat, and the temperature will shoot to 90 degrees. No one knows why....perhaps it's aliens.

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The Cursed O's Game

I knew a girl who knew a girl who knew a girl who went to an Orioles game where they hit four homeruns in the first inning....and still lost the game.

The Restaurant of Doom

A couple went out to a nice restaurant. The waiter asked what they'd like to order. "Crab cakes, please," they say....but the waiter informs them they're not on the menu. "Steamed crabs?" the couples asks. "Cream of crab soup? Crab pretzel?" The waiter tells them, "There are no crab dishes on the menu." Horrified, the couple runs screaming from the restaurant.

The Secret in the Closet

This Maryland woman starts dating a guy, and everything is great, but she is curious as to why he tells her to never look in his closet. One day her curiosity overcomes her, and she looks inside....and it's full of Steelers jerseys! AHHH!


We hope you didn't get TOO scared--these are some real nightmares for Marylanders!


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