The 6 Most Interesting Town Names In Maryland

The awesome things about Maryland are almost too numerous to list, but we here at Route One do try! One thing we know people are probably curious about it is the weird and wonderful names of towns in Maryland -- so where did some of those names come from? We investigate the best town names in Maryland, right here:


This one has nothing to do with car wrecks. Maryland teacher and historian Mary Strauss gives the supposed story: back in 1774, two friends both chose the same tract of land to settle, by 'accident'. They took it in stride, agreed one should get to keep it, and named the spot Accident. (The residents are called Accidentals!)

Havre de Grace

Ahh, good old Havre de Grace, the unpronounceable. It derives from the French for 'harbor of grace', and it was ONE vote away from being named the US capital back in 1789. It's also the hometown of Cal Ripken.


The REAL Uptown Funk! This place got its name from, sadly, the guy who bought it from Frederick Calvert (Henry Funk), and not from Bruno Mars. It was the site of a Civil War battle with the not-so-creative name of The Battle of Funkstown. 

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Take notes! Lord Baltimore named this place after his secretary, who apparently wasn't important to get it actually named after him. Wonder how many secretaries live in Secretary? Let us know if you are one!


A place for friends! Just like basically every other place, it was named after a person whose last name was Friend, and not for being like, the place to go if you need a buddy. But it'd be pretty awesome to get a picture with your bestie in front of a Friendsville sign.

Rising Sun

Lore says that back in 1720, a man established a pub called the Rising Sun where the town now stands. It became pretty popular, and soon everyone from businessmen from politicians were meeting there. By the time they got a post office, they went ahead and just named the town after the tavern.

via Town of Rising Sun



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