Test Your Knowledge of the Counties of Maryland!

You might think you know about Maryland, but how well do you know its counties? Can you name them all? Let's see how well you can remember your Maryland history lessons from back in elementary school -- let us know how well you do on this pop quiz!


1. Not counting Baltimore City, how many counties are there in Maryland?

A. 22

B. 23

C. 25

D. 33


2. Queen Anne's County was named for the queen of what country?

A. England

B. Spain

C. France

D. Wales


3. Prince George was linked to Queen Anne, and both have Maryland counties named for them. What was their relationship?

A. Mother and son

B. Brother and sister

C. Father and daughter

D. Husband and wife


4. Which county was the last to be created in Maryland?

A. Garrett County

B. Wicomico County

C. Baltimore County

D. Allegany County 


5. Which county has the lowest population?

A. Caroline County

B. Dorchester County

C. Kent County

D. Somerset County


6. The first county be founded, St. Mary's County, has the oldest what in Maryland?

A. Farm

B. Sheriff's office

C. Hospital

D. Fire station










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