Stay Hydrated, Maryland!

Summertime in Maryland is beautiful, sunny....and hot. Whether you're running around in your backyard sprinkler, jogging around your neighborhood, or just soaking up some rays, you're going to need to stay hydrated! And we've got plenty of tumblers for you to sip from. We know you'll find your new fave here.

1. You Had Me at Old Bay Blue Large Tumbler 

If Old Bay is involved, we know you'll be there to enjoy it. Just be sure to have a nice cold drink to wash it down! 

2. Original Utz Chips Tumbler

Speaking of washing things down, don't let those oh-so-delicious and oh-so-salty Utz chips leave your mouth dry! A good drink pairs with your favorite chips perfectly.

3. Old Bay Can Pattern Large Blue Tumbler

Don't you just love this whimsical pattern? Visions of Old Bay cans will be dancing in your head when you're sipping from this sturdy tumbler. 

4. Old Bay Can Large Tumbler

Of course, there's nothing quite like the original bright yellow can with its red, white and blue graphics to remind you of home. But this one's full of nice cold water or your favorite mixed drink instead! 

5. Maryland Full Flag Crab Tumbler

If the heat is making you feel crabby, well, we have a solution! Drink your ice water from this flag-patterned beauty.

6. Maryland Flag Tumbler

Take the Maryland flag with you everywhere you go, thanks to this brightly colored tumbler! You'll never have to worry about losing it or getting it mixed up with someone else's. 

7. Natty Boh Live Pleasantly Black Large Tumbler

Even if you're not drinking Natty Boh out of that tumbler (seriously, you need to be drinking enough water on a hot day!), you can still show your love for this Baltimore icon.

8. Land of Pleasant Living Mint Tumbler

Prefer pastels? This mint-colored tumbler has you covered. Mr. Boh looks ready to surf the summer day away, and we bet you are too. 

9. UMD "M" Logo Large Tumbler

Whether you're shopping for a recent grad or you want to remind yourself of all the good times back at College Park, this UMD tumbler couldn't be better for the job. 


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