Single? Treat yourself on Valentine's Day Anyway!

It can be easy to feel invisible once Valentine's Day rolls around if you're not attached. After all, the stores are packed with things for you to buy for your sweetheart and cards talking about how great it is to be in love -- not much for folks who may have recently broken up or who just aren't in a relationship. But there's no reason you can't enjoy Valentine's Day just as much if you're not seeing anybody! Here are a few ways to treat yourself:

1. Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

There's no rule saying those heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are for lovers only! Grab yourself a Whitman's Sampler and enjoy the fact that you don't have to share with anybody (though you can be generous with those coconut ones you don't eat, if you have a friend or roommate who likes them). Or brave the cold and grab an ice cream cone at the Charmery instead! Sometimes, the treats you get to choose for yourself are the sweetest of all. 

2. Plan a Group Gathering

You've probably got some other friends who aren't in relationships, either -- why not band together on Valentine's Day and do something fun? Go catch a superhero movie, grab a seat at your favorite diner or go on a hike through Maryland's many trails and forests. There's a whole world out there, and you and your buddies can go take advantage of it, even if you're not dating anybody. (But there's no shame in arranging a night in with the whole gang -- Netflix, popcorn and pizza aren't too shabby a plan, either.)

3. Relax and Unwind

There's so much pressure to pair up with someone in time for Valentine's Day, and that can be so stressful! Instead of giving in to that stress, why not avoid it altogether? Spend Valentine's Day at the spa, a yoga class, or a cafe trying a soothing new tea. Even if you work or have school, you can make a little time just for you. Put on headphones and listen to a relaxing album or take a nice hot bath! 

4. Share The Love In A Different Way

It can be really fulfilling to help others! Spend Valentine's Day volunteering at an animal shelter, playing with the puppies and kittens who are looking for homes (and maybe take one in -- talk about a love that lasts forever!). Or maybe you can find a local food bank that could use a little love in the form of donations of canned goods or money. Think about how you could make someone else who needs a little love smile, and you'll be feeling good too. 

5. Shop Until You Drop!

Okay, here's the ultimate self-treat -- go on a shopping spree! Maybe you want to celebrate the season of love by getting some Valentine's-themed clothes from Route One Apparel (we've got a huge collection!). But if you're not feeling the love quite as much, no worries. We've got plenty of other clothes to choose from! Browse the whole site here


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