R1A Resolutions!

Did you make a resolution to keep in 2018? No? Come on, there must be something you want to change, improve or begin! If you're still not sure what you want to tackle in the coming year, it's not too late to figure it out --and Route One Apparel can help you out. Here are the products that can help you be a new and better you in 2018!

A really common resolution is to eat less fast food. After all, it ends up costing a lot of money at the end of the day, and it's not great for you. An easy way to drive away the McDonalds munchies is to bring your own lunch to work or campus! Whether you're planning to get into the full-on meal prep lifestyle or you just want to have a sandwich and apple on hand when your stomach rumbles, you'll want a good lunchbox to hold it all. We've got just the thing!

One way to make this whole process easier is the bring leftovers for lunch -- and of course, in order to have leftovers, you've gotta make that dinner in the first place. Sound daunting? Come on, you can totally tackle cooking this year! Don't forget the oven mitts, and remember, if you don't burn the house down, it counts as a success. 

Okay, so food is under control -- now, let's think about water. You probably know it's a good idea to drink more of it, and less of other things like juice, coffee and soda. (It's not as bad as you think, we promise!) Carrying around a camel back, like one of ours, will make it so much easier to remember to drink it when you're on the go. (Obvious note here, but the water bottle isn't included!) 

Another super-common one? Hitting the gym more often. Good for you! Once you get started, you won't believe that you ever lived without working out on the regular. Of course, you're going to need the clothes to do it. We've got running shorts aplenty, from Maryland flag patterned to Old Bay can print! (It's even easier to go back to the gym when you know you'll be getting compliments on your outfit left and right on your look.)

Thinking about getting limber instead of getting swole? Hey, don't worry-- we have that covered too. Even if you're not the most flexible person in your new yoga class, you'll see the results of consistent effort pay off, and you'll be able to do those part poses before you even know it. Need a mat to tote to class with you? Come on, you know we've got one.

Maybe your resolution for 2018 was to help those in need more. What a great plan! Volunteering, donating and working to make sure less fortunate people and animals can really make a difference in your community -- and you'll feel awfully good about doing it, too. Clean out your closet by donating clothes you don't wear anymore (you'll make lots of room for new R1A goodies while you're at it!), give food to your local food bank (just because the holidays are over doesn't mean people stop being hungry!) and bring home a shelter animal who needs a home! We've got plenty of pet supplies for your new friend.

Finally, you can make spending less money your resolution for this year. Who says you need to drop tons of cash just to get things you need or want? Not us! Check out our collection of items under $25 -- yes, you can get stuff like sunglasses, swimwear, tees and stickers from your favorite brand for less! Talk about a win-win situation. 


What's your resolution for 2018? Let us know on social media!



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