Quiz Time: How's Your Maryland Slang?

Schools may be closed for now, but class here at Route One Apparel is in session! Our first class? Language arts -- in particular, the strange and delightful things that Marylanders say. So how good is your grasp of Maryland slang? How much do you know about the things we Marylanders just know by living here? Find out by taking this quiz.

1. How can you distinguish your crabs? There's a Washington monument on a __ and a Capital building on a __

A. Donny, Abby

B. Jimmy, Sally

C. Davey, Carrie

D. Bobby, Lucy


2. Terp is short for....

A. Turpentine

B. Terrible

C. Terrapin

D. Turtle person 


3. Who has Natty Boh's missing eye?

A. Gunther

B. Grady

C. Garbo

D. Gobbles

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4. Where do O's fans scream in the National Anthem?

A. "Oh" in "Oh say can you see..."

B. "Oh" in "Oh say does that..."


5. What is a meal of fried chicken and french fries served in a portable paper or cardboard box called?

A. Chicken box

B. Tendies time

C. Grab-a-chicken

D. Chicken-on-the-go


6. What does 'went up' mean (as in, my car engine went up)?

A. Got sold

B. Was stolen

C. Died

D. Arrived


7. Which is NOT a local thing to eat?

A. Berger Cookies

B. Pit beef

C. Miss Shirley's Cafe

D. Water Ice


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Answers: B, C, A, B, A, C, D



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