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Prep For March Madness With These 10 Products

Eva Niessner

Prep For March Madness With These 10 Products

March Madness is coming up soon! The Terps could have an amazing season, and maybe even make it all the way to the top. But no matter how UMD's basketball team does, we know you'll be cheering for them all the way. Support them in style with these Terp-themed products!

1. University of Maryland M Logo and Shells High Top Shoes 

You're not out on the court yourself, but you can still feel like part of the game with these fun, UMD-themed high top shoes!

2. UMD Testudo Pint Glass

Raise your glass to your favorite college team! This Testudo pint glass is just what you need to help celebrate game day.

3. University of Maryland Testudo Pot Holder

Speaking of game day, you'll want some snacks to eat when you're watching the game. This pot holder is the perfect place to rest your nachos or wings! 

4. Maryland Crab Terps Ladies Flowy Shirt

Ladies, we've got a flowy top for you to wear to support your favorite team! Show how much you love your alma mater, your state, and your team with this tee.

5. Maryland Turtle & Shell Pattern Shades

Our team's future is so bright, you gotta wear shades! And we have the perfect ones. This pair is sure to help you show off your UMD pride. 

6. University of Maryland Red and White Retro Turtle Shirt

Throw it back with this vintage-inspired tee that celebrates the Terps! It'll be super-fashionable for students and alumni alike even after March is long past.

7. University of Maryland Waving Flag Can Cooler

The game is even better when your brews are cold! Keep them at the right temperature by keeping them in this UMD waving flag can cooler. 

8. University of Maryland Testudo Hawaiian Shirt

Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can keep up with March Madness even if you're on vacation! Show off your love for the Terps out on the beach in this fun Hawaiian tee.

9. Eat, Sleep, Maryland Baby Onesie

Who knows? Your little one, who's sporting this cute UMD onesie, could be the next great basketball player scoring points for the Terps. 

10. Maryland Logo Yellow Sketch Crew Socks

Can't wear a jersey at work? Well, you can still show off your pride! Just pull up your pant leg to reveal these fun, colorful socks that scream "Go Terps"! 

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