Next Season of Survivor To Take Place In Maryland!!

Route One News Network has just gotten the scoop that the radical new season of Survivor will be Maryland-themed!
According to network stats, the majority of viewers are from Maryland, so the producers want to make a season that reflects their core audience.
The contestants will have to survive challenges--and each other--while living on a tiny island off the Maryland coast. The executive producers have stated that it will feature challenges that few Marylanders could withstand.
"It's going to be a very exciting season," said a rep for the show. "They'll have to eat crabs with no seasoning, wear Steelers jerseys, and listen to people mispronounce things like Ellicott City and Towson. They'll have to be tough to make it through this season."
The producers promise it will be a heart-stopping season that will make every Maryland resident want to tune in.


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