Make Your Best Maryland-Themed Halloween Costume

With so many Maryland icons to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one for a Halloween costume. If you’re low on time or money, there’s still plenty of ways to celebrate fright night and show off your Maryland pride. We’ve compiled eight of the easiest to replicate outfits just in time for October 31st. Get ready to dig through your closets and pull together your most memorable Maryland costume!


1. Edgar Allan Poe


Baltimore’s famous poet is one of the spookiest locals you can dress up as for Halloween. With a dark topcoat, a scarf, and a fake moustache you’ll easily capture Poe’s eccentric demeanor. Be sure to bring along a Raven and recite his most recognizable lines while wandering the streets of Fells Point to really make an impression on others.

Photo courtesy of Quirky Bohemian Mama


2. Old Bay and 3. Chesapeake Bay (Steamed) Crab


Name a more famous pairing than Old Bay and steamed crabs! Go ahead… we’ll wait. ;) These two were made for each other and you were made to wear this Maryland-themed costume. Create your own Old Bay can with some cardboard and paint. And if you can’t stop by one of the local tourist shops for a pair of claws, improvise and make your own while rocking an all-red ensemble. 

Photo courtesy of Julia Josephine Garcia Skrabacz


4. Mr. Trash Wheel

Halloween Baltimore Mr. Trash Wheel

We have two words for you: googly eyes. Whether you’re dressing up as Mr. Trash Wheel, Professor Trash Wheel, or Captain Trash Wheel, the googly eyes complete the outfit. Don’t forget when Mr. Trash Wheel picked up an unexpected visitor. You can add in a stuffed snake for the full real-life effect!

Photo courtesy of Mr. Trash Wheel


5. Mr. Boh and 6. Salie Utz

This recognizable couple’s costume is sure to turn heads and make you reach for a snack…or a cold one! The legendary Mr. Boh and the Utz Girl have been going strong since their marriage in 2011, and while we don’t know what they are up to these days, we know nothing can tear these two local icons apart.


7. Hairspray Cast

Halloween costume Hairspray Tracy Turnblad

Happy Halloween, Baltimore! This Tracy Turnblad costume can be easily replicated with a white top, plaid skirt, and a trusty can of… yep, you guessed it… hairspray. You’ll feel like you’re back in high school while dancing around to the sounds of the famed John Waters’ movie.

Photo courtesy of This Transplanted Life


8. Maryland Flag

Halloween Costume Maryland flag

You didn’t think we’d forget about the flag, did you? If all else fails… show off your Maryland pride by morphing yourself into our state’s famous pattern. You’ll easily be the center of attention with this amazing body suit. Grab your costume now before they sell out! Available in sizes ranging from kids small to 2XL.


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