Make Life Delicious -- Use Domino Sugar in these 6 Recipes

If you've spent any time in Baltimore, you've seen that iconic Domino Sugar sign lighting up the harbor -- it's the darling of postcards and Instagram stories for a reason! Domino Sugar has been around for over a hundred years. The brand started in 1901, and they produce everything from brown sugar to powdered sugar to the white sugar most of us use every day. We've got a few ideas for how to use 'em! 

1. Rock candy

This recipe is more like a science experiment! You've probably had rock candy before, but have you ever made it at home? All you'll need is water, food coloring, flavoring, and some white granulated Domino sugar. This is the perfect summertime activity to do with kids (or with friends -- rock candy is for everyone!).

2. Chocolate chip cookies

The ultimate after-school treat requires both white and brown sugar, and Domino has you covered for both. Add as many chocolate chips as your heart desires, if you can resist eating them all during the prep process! Or jazz things up with your other favorite mix-ins, like pretzels or candies. 

3. Pizza dough

If you've never made homemade pizza dough before, you might not realize that there's sugar involved. Why? The yeast in the dough needs sugar to eat in order to rise! If you're looking for a savory homemade recipe to make, we can't think of anything better than pizza. This recipe will have you covered! 

4. Cake glaze

You know what goes great with a pound cake or a chocolate cake? A glaze! Not sure how to make one? Domino itself has the recipe for you. Powdered sugar and the liquid of your choice are really all you need, and voila -- a perfect glaze to adorn your latest culinary creation. 

5. Banana nut bread

Is banana nut bread a breakfast or a dessert? We think you can eat it any time you want! And this recipe, which comes directly from the Domino website, is the perfect way to use up those browning bananas in your kitchen. It's perfect if you want something sweet but not too sweet. 

6. Sugar rim for cocktails

Okay, this one isn't technically a recipe. But it sure adds a sweet touch to your favorite cocktails! Swap the salt rim for a sugar one on your next batch of margaritas, or add one to another favorite concoction. It couldn't be easier -- this guide lays out the basics. 

Check out our Domino Sugar collection here!


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