Make it with Old Bay! Try these recipes this Thanksgiving

McCormick isn't just a spice company, oh no. It's a way of life! This company manufactures the pride and joy of Maryland, Old Bay. And if you're wondering what to bring to Thanksgiving this year, we recommend making a few of these scrumptious recipes that use Old Bay or other McCormick spices.


Old Bay Turkey Boil

Is it really Thanksgiving without turkey? And is it really a Maryland meal without Old Bay? This recipe is the best of both worlds. 

Honey Old Bay Wings

Prefer chicken to turkey? Not everyone wants to go traditional, so these mouthwatering wings are a great alternative. 

Photo via Ally's Kitchen

Old Bay Green Beans

Green beans? Yes please -- especially when there's plenty of delicious Old Bay involved. Turns out that's all we need to happily eat our veggies. 

Old Bay Cauliflower Salad

And speaking of veggies, we've never been so pumped to munch on some cauliflower salad! Old Bay really can do it all. 

Photo via Betty Crocker

Cheddar Biscuits with OLD BAY® Seasoning

No, you don't need to go to a restaurant to get craveable cheddar biscuits. Make them yourself, right at home -- then watch them all disappear. 

Photo via McCormick

Old Bay Crab Cakes

Come on, like we weren't going to put crab cakes on this list. Crab cakes reign supreme, even when it's Turkey Day, and now you can perfect them for your guest.

Roasted Harvest Vegetables

Pepper, nutmeg, salt and sage from McCormick make these roasted veggies absolutely delicious. 

Garlic Cheese Mashed Potatoes

Savor the flavor of these better-than-classic mashed potatoes! They're chock full of garlic and parsley (and sour cream and cheese, too!)

Photo via McCormick

Classic Herb Stuffing

Who doesn't love stuffing? This Thanksgiving staple is flavored with thyme, poultry seasoning, and black pepper, and our mouths are already watering. 


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