Madame Maryland's Horoscopes: October 2017

Can you believe October has finally arrived? If you haven't started planning for that big Halloween bash, well, now's the time to get moving. Luckily, Madame Maryland has looked into her crystal ball, and she can determine the perfect candy and costume advice for every sign! Read on...
Aries: Playful Aries, you might be feeling a bit prankish this month -- and there's no better way to do that than with some good-natured Halloween scares! Pick out an extra-creepy outfit for Halloween and scare your friends silly. Pennywise the Clown? Something from American Horror Story? An embodiment of traffic on 695? Now that's SCARY. Your candy: Pixie Stix.
Taurus: If you could sum up Taurus in one word, it's reliable. Why mess with the classics? Why fix what ain't broken? That's just not the Taurus way of doing things. Instead of dressing up as the hottest character of the day, you're going to stick to the same standby you've had since the Bush administration. A cat, a witch, a pumpkin -- you just can't go wrong with one of those. Your candy: Cow Tales.
Gemini: Who says Halloween has to be scary? You might not be so interested in dressing up like all the other ghouls and goblins this year -- instead, you're planning to show off your creative side. Try a costume that shows off your best features and makes you look fun, approachable and maybe even silly. Who knows? Your sense of humor may just make you some new friends! Your candy: Laffy Taffy
Cancer: You've got just one thing on your mind this Halloween -- bling. Can you outdo all your friends and acquaintances with the most over-the-top costume, covered in glitter, gold and sparkles? Madame Maryland sure thinks so! Whether you're going as a Greek god or a fairy princess, the other party guests are going to have to wear shades when you walk in the room. Your candy: Snickers.
Leo: Halloween is the only time of year where you can dress up exactly as dramatically as you wish you could all year long. So why not choose something that will make jaws drop when you walk in? Who cares if it takes three hours to get fully costumed, or if it's heavy, or if you take up the entire doorway? Halloween only comes once a year, so make it really count! Your candy: Gummi Bears
Virgo: Everyone knows you're a perfectionist, but Halloween's a good time to reflect on the fact that not everything can go exactly according to plan -- and that's okay! If the costume you ordered from Amazon gets lost in the shipping ether, you can DIY something minutes before the party starts, and chances are, everyone's going to compliment your resourcefulness. And if punch spills on your costume, just shrug it off and pretend it's Spooky Halloween Blood. Your candy: Sour Patch Kids. 
Libra: Costumes are good, but even better? Atmosphere. And Libra, you're the master of setting the mood! When your party guests arrive, they're going to be too blown away by your amazingly creepy decor, delicious Halloween treats and collection of scary stories to realize you've gotten away with just wearing a Route One shirt and jeans. Nice job! Your candy: Kit-Kats. 
Scorpio: Halloween is your domain -- it falls during Scorpio season, and that means it's all yours! Let everyone know how seriously you take the role of King or Queen of Halloween by dressing accordingly. Don the costume of a royal, or go a more Tim Burton direction. After all, what says "This holiday's all mine" better than looking like Jack Skellington? Your candy: Take 5.
Sagittarius: Party stores in the area better watch out -- you're coming through like a bull in a china shop! You're not satisfied with just one costume. With so many parties and events to attend, you're going to need to have a whole wardrobe full of them! Be sure to scour the internet and ask your friends to find out who has the best deals on fake blood, witch hats and face paint. Happy hunting! Your candy: Hershey's Cookies and Cream.
Capricorn: Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, and your workaholic sign might be so busy with school or in the office that you could miss it entirely! Don't forget to give yourself some time to have fun, even while keeping up with everything else that's due. Your cold and cunning nature is perfect for playing the villain, so dress up as your favorite baddie when you arrive at this year's bash (after work, of course!). Your candy: Starbursts.
Aquarius: Procrastinating won't pay off this month, Aquarius. You've got really, really elaborate costume ideas in mind -- like, a totally perfect replica of your favorite TV or movie characters -- but what good does that do you if you don't actually get it finished? Commit to the bit, and you'll have a costume this year that people will talk about way after the pumpkins get all gooshy and rotten. Your candy: Tootsie Pop.
Pisces: Something's fishy, Pisces...could it be that the friend you confided in has stolen your awesome costume idea for Halloween this year? Just keep in mind that it's all in good fun...and besides, you're going to look way better than they do in that outfit! Dressing up as a super-recognizable celebrity will make you the star of Instagram this year, but your own spin is what's going to make people remember YOU. Your candy: M&Ms.


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