Madame Maryland's Horoscopes: June 2017

When you're not sure what the future holds, just look to the stars! They'll tell you everything you need to know...or you could just ask me, Madame Maryland! Wondering what June has in store for you, friends? Worry not--let me gaze into my crystal ball.
Aries: The summer heat is getting to your head, Aries, and you are looking for some cooler places to visit. Who knows, maybe you'll end up in Alaska by the end of the month! Well, remember what mom said: don't forget your hat! (We'll tell on you.)
Taurus: Summertime is swimming time, and if you've never learned, well, there's no time like the present! This is your month to learn a new skill, according to the stars, and swimming is both practical and fun. Before you know it, you'll be the next Maryland Olympic swimming star
Gemini: Time to fire up the grill, Gemini! You want to show all your friends how good you are at hosting a BBQ, and the stars have agreed that you're gonna impress. Whether you're whipping up dogs, burgers or heck, even tofu, everyone will love them! (Don't forget the mitts!)
Cancer: This month, you're feeling the spark to do something to help others. Find a way to volunteer, make a difference, help those in need and thank those who help others, too! Whether that's volunteering for an animal shelter or delivering food for the elderly, you'll really make someone's day. 
Leo: Dramatic Leos love to show everybody what they love! And if you're an O's fan, why not let everybody around you know you adore your hometown team? Try adding a sticker to your car or laptop to make it perfectly clear where your allegiance lies. 
Virgo: You might be feeling a bit sensitive this month, and even the littlest thing could get you down, it seems. Don't let a warm drink ruin your day, Virgo! Our koozies will prevent that from happening and all will be well at your next BBQ.
Libra: Geez, Libra, were all your friends born in June? It sure feels that way! You're busy buying gifts for everybody, but make sure you have the perfect wrapping paper to wrap them up in. At least you'll have plans for every weekend as your buds invite you to party after party. 
Scorpio: Wedding season has you hearing bells all June long, and if you're attending one, it's vital to bring the proper gift! Any kind of his-and-hers gifts (like these Mr. and Mrs. mugs) will fit the bill perfectly. Now go tear it up on the dancefloor, Scorpio! 
Sagittarius: A sudden boost in your fiances has money burning a hole in your wallet. What to buy? Well, you know what we think, but just remember to set some aside for a rainy day. You'll thank us for that advice later, when your feast turns to famine and you really need some cash to swing through the drive-thru.
Capricorn: Focused Capricorn, as usual, you've taken on wayy too many projects this month! You're going to need plenty of coffee to keep you awake as you juggle all this work, and we've got the funny Baltimore mug for you to drink it from. Good luck--we know you'll get it all done!
Aquarius: The planets have aligned, and now that road trip you've been itching to take is suddenly not just possible -- it's gonna happen. Ready to go? Well, first you've got to pack your bags. Safe and happy travels, Aquarius! 
Pisces: You're feeling conflicted, Pisces. You can't decide whether you want to feel fancy this month, or whether you want to let loose and enjoy yourself. Well, why can't you have both? Try serving wine in one of our Ravens football glasses and have the best of both worlds. 


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