Feeling uncertain? Confused? Not sure which path to take? Sounds like you need to look to the stars! Or, you know, you could always ask Madame Maryland to decipher those celestial messages for you. 
Aries: Summer is sooo passe for you, Aries -- you're already looking forward to fall. Pumpkin spice lattes! Crunchy leaves! Halloween costumes! How on earth are you supposed to wait another two months? At least you can prepare for cool weather by stocking up on sweatshirts. The time will fly, we promise! 
Taurus: Something worth celebrating will happen to you this month, Taurus -- whether it's big or small, you're going to be in the mood to tell everyone and have a party over it, too! If you're planning on playing host, don't forget to have a bottle opener on hand. Time to rock the house! 
Gemini: There's nothing worse than accessories that feel drab, and you're in a colorful, artsy mood, Gemini! Your phone, laptop, car and screaming for some stickers that will make them stand out from the crowd, and there's no better way to do that than slapping some Route One Apparel goodness on it. You'll be able to spot your luggage or car from a mile away! 
Cancer: You're feeling a sudden burst of team spirit this month, Cancer. Take advantage of that feeling by starting or joining a local sports team, getting more involved at the gym with some of your pals, or head to an Orioles game with your besties! (Don't forget your jersey!)
Leo: The stars are smiling on you, Leo! A new job is in the cards, and you've earned it after all your hard work. The past few months might have been tough, but now you're reaping the rewards-- and you're moving up in the world! Don't forget to get a new lanyard for the new gig!
Virgo: The sun is in your house -- no, literally, the sun's in your house, and in your car, and all over the place. If you want to avoid getting burnt, Virgo, you'll need to take plenty of precautions. A new pair of sunglasses will keep you from getting blinded and keep those UV rays out of your peepers. And don't forget the sunscreen!
Libra: Is Mercury in retrograde or something? You've been so klutzy this month, and it seems like everything you've touched has been dropped or broken. You've got to be careful, or else your phone will meet the same fate! (A new case will do the trick, thankfully). Luckily, this phase will pass by the time the month is up. 
Scorpio: Having communication issues with a loved one? Be careful this month-- you don't want to ruin a great relationship by saying something you don't mean. And if you already have put your foot in your mouth, well, make it up to that person with a R1A gift card! 
Sagittarius: Business, pleasure, or some combination of the above have taken you away from your beloved Maryland -- the stars are pulling you like a magnet to the District! Well, embrace that pull, and don't worry if you need something to wear to D.C. We've got you covered with our Washington collection
Capricorn: Are you spending enough time with your dog this summer, Cap? We know you're always busy, on the go, all that jazz, but Fido misses you! Spend some quality time with your pup by taking more walks (and using these snazzy pet products, too!). You'll be rewarded with wet kisses! 
Aquarius: Despite the fact that it's like, a million degrees outside, the stars have aligned in just such a way that you suddenly have the desire to work out. Whether it's for health or to get the look you're after, it's great to get a little more exercise. Just be sure to carry that water bottle (well, you're the water carrier, of course you will!) and keep your hair out of your face with our headband.
Pisces: Your inner fish is dying to be out on the water -- and let's be real, you'd rock a pair of boat shoes like nobody's business! Even if you can't get on your yacht, or, well, borrow one, you can still show off your nautical side with some of these On the Bay items. More like Chesa-chic! 


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