Madame Maryland's Horoscope: October 2020

Happy October, Maryland! You're probably looking forward to chilly nights, spooky movies, and a transition out of the summer heat (not to mention an opportunity to wear your favorite sweater!). You're probably also looking forward to your horoscope! Madame Maryland looked into her crystal ball, and here's what she saw:



Are you meddling in someone else’s business this month? Yes, it can be fun to be nosy -- there’s so much good gossip to be had -- but you don’t want your desire to know everything or get involved in everyone’s life to sabotage your relationships with those you love. Be patient and know that other people can handle their own affairs. 


We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but October is an equally good time to start fresh. Go into the cozy season with less stuff that you don’t need, and maybe a little more cash if you’re selling some of those things. 


It pays to be prepared, and this year, you might feel extra motivated to get your holiday shopping done...well, not at the last minute. Instead of feeling hurried and stress in December, you can get ahead of the curve by getting started in October (no need to, you know, finish). Talk about accomplished! 

A major change on the horizon can be scary, but it can be seriously exciting, too. Maybe you’ve got a big move or a new job coming up, and you’re worried about how you’ll do. Just remember that coming out of your comfort zone can be incredibly rewarding! We know you’ll do amazing.
Don’t let anyone dampen your enthusiasm! So what if the show or movie or activity that you’re into this month isn’t to everyone else’s taste? What’s important is that you like it, and you shouldn’t feel bad just because someone else can’t see it your way. Some things are best enjoyed on your own.

If you’re feeling lonely, there are some socially-distant things you can do this month to alleviate that. Call up a friend or family member that you haven’t gotten to see in some time and head to a pumpkin patch to choose the perfect future jack-o-lantern. Or stop by a local eatery with outdoor seating and enjoy a hot chocolate or a coffee. (That gets dollars into Maryland businesses, too.)


Your creativity is in full swing this month! October is the perfect time to pull out the watercolors, or work on a piece of creative writing, or even learn how to knit! Just because it isn’t perfect doesn’t mean it won’t be fun or worthwhile, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just do it for the enjoyment of it! 


You’re feeling particularly entrepreneurial this month. Could a side hustle be in your future? Maybe your love of making jewelry or homemade snacks will become your new career -- or maybe you’ll just get a few extra bucks doing what you love. Either way, this is the month to chase that enterprising spirit. 


Enough is enough. If something just isn’t working for you, why let it drag on? Don’t worry about being overly polite or keeping the peace. It’s time to take out the trash and get rid of anything or anybody who are bringing you undue stress and discord. After all, October should be enjoyed! 


Feeling the blues? It’s no wonder, thanks to the shorter days and stressful global events going on. Now’s a great time to indulge in some of your favorite funny things. Listen to a comedy podcast, rewatch your favorite sitcoms on Netflix, or just fall down a rabbit hole of goofy YouTube videos for an afternoon. Sure, it won’t cure everything, but it can definitely help. 


Having your needs met isn’t the same as nagging! This is the month to raise your voice and bring up something that you need. You may be surprised to find that you’re not bothering anyone and that the people around you are more than happy to accommodate you. Being assertive is key!


What have you been putting off for a while? October is the time to quit dawdling! You may find that whatever it is that you’ve been delaying is a lot easier or less frightening than you imagined -- and you’ll be ready for whatever’s next once you’re finished with this task that’s been hanging over your head. Imagine the relief! 


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