Madame Maryland's Horoscope: October 2018

There's nothing harder than making the decision of what to be for Halloween this year! After all, the perfect costume is the most important choice you'll make all season, and you really want to make sure you get it right. Need some help? Madame Maryland has your back! She looked into the stars and saw the perfect costume for every sign.
You really want to make a statement this year, Aries, and that means thinking outside of the box. We're not saying you need to go full Heidi Klum or anything, but your creative juices will be seriously flowing this month, and you'll be able to think of something that will blow everyone away. Spook everyone out by dressing as the Maryland Goatman, or show off how much detail you can put into a project by dressing as a peacock or a bird of paradise (or hey, an oriole bird works too! Talk about Halloween colors.)
The calendar says Halloween, but your heart says game day. Who says you can't combine these two to create the perfect look for the upcoming Halloween bash? Dress up as your favorite football player or the home team's cheerleader this year, and put the orange or purple that's already in your wardrobe to good use. Best of all, you can totally reuse this outfit all through November, too.
Gemini is the sign of the twins, so it makes perfect sense that you'd opt for a duo costume this year. Whether you and your significant other decide to go as a package deal or you and your best friend pair up instead, you're guaranteed to be double trouble! Think ketchup and mustard, salt and pepper, or crabs and beer -- you know, the things that are just better when they go together. Together, you'll be the hit of the party.
It's time to unleash your villainous side, Cancer! Whether you're thinking a generic baddie like a bank robber or a devil, or you'd rather opt for a Hollywood villain (and believe us, you've got plenty to choose from!), you'll be sure to be the dark star of any Halloween party you attend, and maybe scare some of your friends into giving up all of their candy in exchange for mercy. Just don't dress up as the crab-napper of the Eastern Shore -- that's too evil for us to even think about! 
You're a star in your own mind, Leo, so why not be a star for Halloween as well? This is the best time to dress up as the celebrity that you idolize -- go old school with Madonna or Elvis, or pick someone more modern like Lady Gaga. Whoever it is, they're going to deal with the fact that they have some serious competition, because you're coming for their celebrity throne this Halloween! A wig and some makeup or fake sideburns work wonders, Leo.
You know how to keep things clean, simple, and stunning, Virgo -- and that's why you could totally pull of the angel look! A white dress or toga, a fake halo (come on, we know you're not totally, 100% pure and good all the time) and some wings strapped to your back will be all you need this year. It'd be especially heavenly if you give away mini-cans of Old Bay to the trick-or-treaters, too, but we don't blame you if you decide to keep those for yourself.
Classic monsters are just your style, Libra. They're the embodiment of old Hollywood, and everybody knows who they are! This year, you'll be the one everyone wants to compliment when you kick it old school by dressing up as Dracula, a mummy, or the creature from the black lagoon. And who says you can't make it look fashion forward? The Bride of Frankenstein was serving looks, and so can you. 
It's your time to get wild! Halloween is the perfect time to let your inner animal out, whether that's a fierce and ferocious beast like a wolf or a lion, or a cute and cuddly critter like a bunny or a kitty cat. The most important things are to get the ears on and to unleash your own wild attitude -- trust us, everybody at that party is going to take notice! Just, you know, please don't bite anybody for real. Save that for the candy. 
Have you been in a totally magical mood lately? That's probably just the Disney fever settling in. Don't worry, it's not fatal. Take advantage of your 10000th rewatch of Beauty and the Beast by creating a Disney costume that Walt himself would be proud of! Grab a costume at the store or craft it all yourself from scratch -- no matter what you do, your party will become the happiest place on Earth. (It's about time we got a Maryland Disney princess, don't you think?)
Who says history can't be fun? Not you, Capricorn, and you're going to bring full historical accuracy to whatever costume project you tackle -- after all, such a competitive sign has eyes on a costume prize! Maybe you'll be a fun and flirty flapper from the 20's, or a zoot-suited mobster from the 40's. Or maybe you'll go full regency and go in royal garb -- the king or queen of crabs, complete with a lacrosse stick scepter. 
Zombies, killers, werewolves -- the more scary and bloody, the better! You're on a real horror kick, Aquarius, and this year is the perfect time to truly indulge your creepy side. After all, dressing in a bloody gown or suit is really weird in November, but super cool in October, so get it all out of your system now! Freaking out your friends is just a bonus.
It only makes sense that your sign would look to the sea for inspiration, Pisces. Mermaids, baby sharks, jellyfish, pirates, sailors...there's a whole ocean of options out there, and you're going to rock any of them! Best of all, you can add a crab cake or some fresh Maryland seafood to your ensemble for 'accuracy', and no one can argue with that kind of logic. Though it would be a little weird if you dressed as a mermaid who ate her crab companion...


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