Madame Maryland's Horoscope: November 2017

Thanksgiving is less than a month away, if you can believe it. Yep, it's already nearly time to dig into your Turkey Day feast and watch the football game -- and nearly time to really reflect on what you should be grateful for, too! Wondering what each of the signs will get to appreciate most this month? Madame Maryland can help! She's looked into her crystal ball and seen what your sign should be especially thankful for. Such as...


Aries: Be thankful for your best friend! Your bestie has always been in your corner, and you know they'll be there for years to come. Whether you need someone to come help if you've locked your keys in your car at 3 in the morning, someone to confess your deepest and darkest secrets to, or someone to be totally, brutally honest with you about something, your best friend is the one to do it. Be sure to tell them how cool they are in this season of gratitude, Aries! 
Taurus: Be thankful for good food! This is the best time of year for all kinds of yummy things -- from meats and breads to pies and cakes. And don't forget that being grateful for food doesn't have to mean the stereotypical Thanksgiving items. Whether you're glad there's lactose-free dairy products that won't upset your stomach or happy that there are vegetarian versions of the meaty dishes everyone else is having, there's a lot to be thankful for. Next time you dig into your favorite dish, say thanks!
Gemini: Be thankful for simple pleasures! Not every good thing in your life has to be a grand and earth-shattering event. Sometimes, the little things really do mean the most, like finding out there's still money on that old gift card, getting a compliment from someone on your outfit or seeing there's no line the next time you're at Chipotle. A lot of little things really add up! Don't forget to be thankful! 
Cancer: Be thankful for your romantic partner! If you've got one, let them know that you notice the things they do, big and small. It's awfully nice to have someone who will help take out the trash or will introduce you to that cool new TV show. Not attached right now? The perfect person might be on their way this coming month, Cancer -- a person who's really worth being thankful for.
Leo: Be thankful for opportunities! You never know when they're going to knock on your door. Maybe that person you met at a networking event is looking for someone just like you to work that cool new job that just opened, or maybe someone you met at a party will end up being your newest buddy. Who knows? Just keep your eyes open, Leo. You'll be awfully glad you did! 
Virgo: Be thankful for animals! Your pets are part of your family, they never judge, and they're here to love you with all of their hearts. Of course, even if you don't have pets of your own, you can always get some love from the pets of others, or even from some adorable critters at a petting zoo or the aquarium. Where would we be without animals? It's hard to say, so be sure to thank your puppy, cat, bird or snake this month! 
Libra: Be thankful for your family! Maybe they're your blood relations, or maybe a group that became your family over time. Maybe it's a really big group, maybe it's a little one. Whatever the case may be, there's a group that has your back that you should show some love towards. Sure, maybe you fight sometimes -- but ultimately, Libra, they're the ones who will fight for you with everything they've got. (So mayyyybe it's okay to save them the last slice of pumpkin pie. Maybe.)
Scorpio: Be thankful for strangers! Okay, Scorpio, we don't mean neglect your stranger danger skills -- but there are some amazing strangers out there that you can be thankful for. Whether it's the person who sees that you dropped your wallet and runs after you to give it back to you, the one who holds the elevator so you can get on, or the one who lets you cut in front of them in traffic, you should take a minute and appreciate the things that people who don't even know you do for you. Pretty cool that people do that, huh? 
Sagittarius: Be thankful for nature! Maryland is a pretty great place to appreciate the beauty of nature, whether you're here for the mountains or prefer the beach. Forests, waterfalls, hiking trails, flower fields and vineyards --yep, it's pretty hard to go much of anywhere around here and not see the beauty of nature. Why not take a few minutes to appreciate how cool that is? It's not the right time to plant a tree just yet, but you could always save that project for spring. 
Capricorn: Be thankful for your community! It's awesome to live in a neighborhood or town that puts on parades, holds block parties, hosts concerts, or just invests in local businesses like farmer's markets and cafes (and, hint hint, we're a small business in your Maryland community!). Show your gratitude for your community by buying local, volunteering for an event this season, or just spreading a little joy around!
Aquarius: Be thankful for music! Music is something that everyone can take joy and comfort in, and it's never been easier to listen to as much of it as you want. It's got the power to help you relive your happiest days, move you emotionally and help you sleep, and that's seriously something to be thankful for, Aquarius. 
Pisces: Be thankful for luck! It's impossible to say when Lady Luck will show up and get you out of a jam, but when she does, it's something to be thankful for. Sometimes, you happen to go another route to work, and later learn your normal drive was crammed with traffic. Sometimes, you win that drawing or raffle, no matter how many people have entered. Lucky you! Be sure to be grateful for it. 


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