Madame Maryland's Horoscope: May 2021

Happy May, Marylanders! Spring is giving way to summer, and soon school will be out. What's in store for all of us here in the Old Line State? Well, Madame Maryland looked into her crystal ball, and here's what she saw. 


Tired of having to explain or defend your most innocuous opinions? This month, Aries, it’s time to disengage from silly arguments that don’t do you any good. You’ll be a lot happier and less stressed without having to fight for your own enjoyment of that TV show or book.



Life’s better when you’re not letting your to-do list hang over your head. Even if it’s annoying to get down and dirty with those chores and tasks, you’ll be a happy person when you realize you’re free -- and when you keep that to-do list from building up too much, you’ll be even happier.


Sometimes it feels like you never get an opportunity to get a word in edgewise. Ready to assert yourself? Your family, friends, or coworkers probably aren’t cutting you off on purpose, but you still need to let them know your thoughts and feelings matter.


This month is prime time for starting a new collection or hobby, Cancer. What’s striking your fancy? Whether you decide to learn the newest TikTok dances or you decide to start collecting fossils, we’re behind you all the way. Whatever sparks that passion and creativity in you is always a good thing!


Is your wanderlust taking over, Leo? Travel might not be possible on a global scale this month, but that doesn’t have to hold you back, especially when road trips and city exploration options are so readily available. Take the time to learn more about the history of your local towns, or explore the restaurants and little shops that are weathering the pandemic!


No one likes a sore loser, Virgo. Sure, you’re good at winning graciously, but if you lose to someone more talented, there’s no need to fume. Instead of being bitter, make light of the situation and laugh it off. It’ll make the rematch that much sweeter.


There’s a difference between helping out and getting in the way, and this month, it’s key to understand that difference! Are you doing too much, Libra? Sometimes, you can’t solve the problem on your own and it’s better to let someone else handle the situation. There’s no shame in admitting it!


Have you been keeping secrets? Some secrets are harmless, Scorpio, but if there’s something important that you need to get off your chest, this month is the perfect time. After all, the anxiety  of keeping it might end up being worse than whatever it is that you’re going to say, so go ahead and spill the beans!


The great outdoors is calling you, Sagittarius! Ready to listen? May is a great month to go camping, hiking, or even picking up litter in a beloved natural place here in Maryland. After all, it’s our job to keep it looking good and healthy -- and then we get to enjoy all of its splendor.


Feeling particularly nostalgic this month? Yes, some things about the past are a lot better than now, but it’s not a good idea to get bogged down in the way things used to be. A go-getter like yourself can make the world an amazing place right now.


Even if you’re not planning to go pro, you might get a real kick out of trying a new sport this month. Who cares if you’re not that great? It’s like they always tell you in elementary school -- what matters is that you get out there, get some exercise, and have a lot of fun. Kickball, anyone?


May is the perfect month to give something a second chance, Pisces. Maybe it’s that book you didn’t care about back in high school, or maybe it’s a food you hated as a kid. Sure, you might have the same opinion that you did before, but maybe you’ll have a brand new outlook (and a new thing to love).


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