Madame Maryland's Horoscope: March 2021

Happy March, Marylanders! Winter is giving way to spring....hopefully. So what's in store for you this month? Well, Madame Maryland looked into her crystal ball, and here's what she saw. 



Tired of takeout? You can save a good bit of money and boost your skills in the kitchen by making some dupes of your favorite meals. Who knows -- you might become the crabcake king or queen right from the comfort of your own home, Aries!


When’s the last time you just enjoyed the silence, Taurus? Yes, it’s lovely to have a favorite album or TV show on in the background, but it can be nice to just enjoy some quiet, too. Try to spend a few meditative minutes just listening to the quiet...and then you can put Netflix back on!


It’s tempting to always want to have the last word, Gemini. Resist the temptation! Sure, you’re not the kind of sign that likes to ‘lose’ the argument, but constantly picking at the fight might do you more harm than good.

Do you find that you’re constantly on the hunt for an excuse? This month, it’s time to take responsibility -- even when it’s hard to do. Sure, sometimes things really aren’t your fault, and you shouldn’t take that lying down! But if you messed up, it’s a better idea to just own up and apologize.
Did last month keep catching you unprepared? It’s time to take a piece of advice from the Boy Scouts and remember to be ready for anything, Leo! You’ll find life is a lot easier when you’re not scrambling to remember things or ordering delivery all the time because your grocery list was incomplete!

It’s never too late to start something new -- seriously! If you feel like you’re not on the right path, it’s time to get off of it. You’re not too old, you’re not too invested, and you’re wrong for wanting to change things up. You never know what March could bring...maybe a whole new goal.


It’s not too early to get spring cleaning, Libra, and this month, you’ll be glad you got that head start. Even something as simple as removing all of the trash from your closet (and you know there’s some trash in there) could get you moving in the right direction, and you know it’ll feel satisfying when you’re done.


Are you giving someone the cold shoulder? You might not even realize that you’re doing it! Go through your emails, messages, and texts to make sure that you haven’t been ignoring a friend or family member without knowing you did it. A quick check-in could save you both some heartache!

Not everything needs to be done your way, even if you’re sure that you know best. When’s the last time you let someone else take the reins, Sagittarius? Well, March is a great time to give someone else’s method a try (you might even realize that they’ve got a much more effective way of doing things).

Old ghosts might be lingering from your past. Is it time for an exorcism, Cap? You don’t have to keep those outdated grudges and feelings -- and March is the perfect time to ‘spring clean’ your brain and say goodbye. Write your feelings down and then tear up the paper or (safely) burn it.

Take it easy! You’ve been on high alert for way too long, and now, you’re starting to feel the effects. If the burnout is getting to you, it’s time to hit the brakes. Say no to that extra work assignment or that late night video game session in favor of getting some rest or enjoying some chill time. You’ve earned it!

This is the perfect month to take a situation that’s, well, less than ideal, and turn it to your own advantage, Pisces. If you’ve just been told you need glasses, for example, make it an opportunity to accessorize with some stylish frames. Your nature makes it easy for you to find the light even in the darkness!


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