Madame Maryland's Horoscope: June 2019

Happy June, Marylanders! Everybody wants to have the most amazing summer possible, but it can be tough to narrow it all down and decide which summertime activity is most worth doing. Paralyzed with indecision? Relax -- Madame Maryland can help! She looked to the stars, and here's what she suggests each of the signs should do this summer: 

Aries: Yoga
Firey signs like you could use a minute or two to take a deep breath -- and yoga is a great way to do that! Grab your mat, head outside on a nice warm night, and try a few poses that can help you clear your head and make your body feel great. The rest of the summer will feel so much more chill once you do!
Taurus: Drive-In Movie
Maryland's got a few great drive-ins, and there's nothing more fun than stopping by one with friends, a date, or even just on your own (hey, nobody steals your popcorn that way!). No matter who you go with or without, a drive-in movie is a must for your sign this summer. 
Gemini: Picnic
There's nothing that says summer quite like buying a picnic basket, gathering up some delicious snacks, and finding the perfect sunny spot to share a picnic with your friends! Maybe you've got some gourmet eats in that basket; maybe they're Lunchables. Either way, what matters is that you're enjoying yourself. 
Cancer: Water Park
When's the last time you went to a water park, Cancer? If you haven't gone since you were knee-high to a blue crab, this is the year to change that. Throw on your favorite swimsuit (need a new one? We can help!) and head to the nearest water slide, wave pool, or other water park staple. 
Leo: Road Trip
Road Trip? Yep, the time has come, Leo, so gas up the car and put together the perfect Spotify playlist! You and your pals are going to have the time of your lives, whether you get all the way across the country or you just opt for going all the way across the county. After all, it's the journey that matters, not the destination.
Virgo: Music Festival
Summer is music festival season, and you're ready to take full advantage of that fact! Maryland's in a prime location for getting to some of the coolest fests on the east coast (and there are plenty of smaller ones to hit up, too), so why hold back? Make this the year to visit them all and make the memories you'll keep forever.
Libra: Boat Ride
Maybe you're planning on taking a luxury cruise, or maybe you're just planning to paddle some dragon boats around the harbor. Either way, Libra, you've got to get onto a boat at some point this summer! What could be nicer than having the sun shining down, the sea breeze in your hair, and a cold drink in your hand? 
Scorpio: Museum Trip
A little art appreciation be perfect for you this summer, Scorpio. Get some selfies in the sculpture garden, learn a little bit about your favorite painters, and support up-and-coming creators in the local area -- and stay out of that heat in the process! Now that's a Scorpio summer mood. 
Sagittarius: Zoo Trip
All of the zoo critters are just dying to see you, Sag! Spray on some sunscreen and take your friends or family members to see all of your favorite animals at the many local zoos that Maryland and DC have to offer. You'll be sure to get a lot of great pics, and you might even get inspired to do a little nature conservation. 
Capricorn: Art project
This summer is the perfect time to let off some of your creative steam! It could be any number of things -- painting, collage, sketching, gluing popsicle sticks together after you eat all the popsicles -- but whatever you decide, give it the same degree of passion and precision that you give all of your other projects. 
Aquarius: Plant care
Whether you have a natural green thumb or you've decided this is the summer to stop killing all your plants, a little bit of gardening could be a great project for you, Aquarius! Start off with a few simple sprouts, give them some TLC, and before you know it, everyone is going to be green with envy. 
Pisces: Aquarium Day
Want to go see all of your fishy friends? Sounds like you need to get to the aquarium, stat! Seriously, there's something new to discover every single time you go there, and you'll have a great time getting out of the raging summer heat in the cool darkness of the aquarium. Plus, it's a perfect spot to grab that perfectly Piscean Instagram shot.


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