Madame Maryland's Horoscope: July 2023

Eva Niessner

Madame Maryland's Horoscope: July 2023

Summer is here, the air is hot and the pool's open! What could be in store for us all as we gear up for another month of sun and sand? Well, Madame Maryland looked into her crystal ball -- here's what she saw.


There's a rainbow after every storm, Aries. No matter how tough things have been lately, rest assured that those difficult moments will resolve. Having a little faith that times will get easier can make all the difference!




Ready to kick some bad habits to the curb? If you're tired of feeling like you're always making the same not-great decisions, hop off of autopilot and make some conscious choices to live the life you want. It's all in your hands!


You're feeling the charm of the small town hardcore this month, Gemini. No mega-malls or chain stores for you -- instead, you're ready to shop local and try out all of the hidden gems that Maryland has to offer! Luckily, there's no shortage of those here.



No good comes out of constantly comparing yourself with other people. Instead of looking at what everyone else has or what they're able to accomplish, keep your eyes on your own path this month. When you water your own garden instead of looking over the fence, you'll be amazed at what blooms.



Taking risks is a good idea when it comes to hair color and menu options, but if you're being too risky in other areas of your life, it may be a good time to pull back. Exercise a little more caution this month! 


Your friends and family know that you can be counted on to handle the finer details of their plans. But are they asking you for help, or just assuming you will? This month, put up some boundaries with folks who act like you're the only one who can handle making plans and let them know they can pitch in too! 


Are you letting old mistakes live rent-free in your brain? It's time to let go of those embarrassing moments and let them stay where they belong -- in the past. Chances are good you're the only one who even remembers them!



Trying too hard to impress others? Time to take a step back and see if you're just doing things for the clout, or if you're genuinely enjoying and benefiting from your life choices. Take stock! If you're not truly feeling it, change course.



You've been working hard at all of your endeavors lately, Sag. Why not take a break? Play hooky from work or school and treat yourself to a do-nothing day that you really deserve. Everyone could use a mental health day!


Sometimes, it's truly just better to be honest up front than to continue a charade that you hate. Don't worry about how people will react -- if anything, they're going to appreciate the forthrightness. 


You're feeling awfully romantic this month, Aquarius! If you're coupled up, you might be feeling cozier than usual as summer heats up; if you're flying solo, perhaps you'll land your sights on that special someone that you want to spend your life with (or at least the rest of the summer). 



Get out your crossword puzzles and Sudoku books, Pisces! You're ready to test your brain's sharpness this month, and you're feeling particularly smart. It's time to prove to yourself just how clever you can be -- maybe next you can tackle a  Rubik's cube.

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