Madame Maryland's Horoscope: January 2022

 A new year is upon us, Marylanders! It's time to bid farewell to 2021 and say hello to all of the new opportunities that 2022 has in store. What could this new year be bringing? How should we deal with all of the changes? Well, Madame Maryland looked into her crystal ball -- here's what she saw. 


Are you looking at everything through rose-colored glasses this month, Aries? Being optimistic about the future is great, but not if it's at the expense of some important truths! Don't be afraid to deal with things as they really are instead of as you want them to be. 



Still wondering what your resolution for this new year could be? Well, don't overthink it, Taurus. Instead of coming up with that one perfect thing, be open to changes you can make (and stick with) all year long. A little flexibility goes a long way! 


Life's a lot more fun when you actually let yourself enjoy it. Instead of nit-picking or overthinking, give yourself permission to just relax and have fun this month! After all, you've earned a break after a stressful holiday season, Gemini. 


Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean you can't still enjoy all that winter has to offer -- after all, Maryland hasn't even gotten any real snow yet. Days of snowball fights, hot cocoa, and cozy fires are still ahead! Enjoy them fully when they arrive. 


Be honest, Leo. How well are you actually paying attention to your own needs? If your body badly needs some rest, or less screen time, listen to what it's saying! Those emails or conversations can wait until tomorrow -- give your body what it needs this month, and you'll feel a lot better. 


Everyone has a bad habit or two, even you, Virgo! What would you like to give up this year that hasn't been serving you well? January could be your first foray into kicking your soda or tobacco habit, or your tendency to order takeout instead of eating the groceries in your fridge. No matter what it is, you're ready to tackle it in January! 


Is money on your mind, Libra? A new budget or savings plan for the new year could be exactly what you need! Take some time to really sit with your expenses and decide what's actually worth splurging on once you've got the cash in hand. 


Sure, it may be your style to 'suck it up', but this month, it's a much better idea to let people know what's on your mind. Those feelings need to come out eventually, so why not vent to someone whose opinion you trust? You'll feel a lot better! 


After the holidays, it's natural to feel a bit bored or blue. What you need, Sag, is something fun to plan for -- something that you can look forward to and that will keep you out of the winter doldrums. It could be something big or small, but just make sure it's something you'll truly love. 


Normally, you're one to follow the rules to the letter. But this month, you may be feeling more defiant than normal! It's important to break free of rules or regulations that might stifle you, but don't go too far in the opposite direction. In all things, balance is key.


It's time to let it all go this month, Aquarius! Get that haircut, throw out that junk in your closet, break up with the person who hasn't been treating you right. It's a new year, after all, and we all know that means it's a new beginning. Enjoy it without all of those burdens that hold you back.


Just because someone else is being stubborn doesn't mean you have to give in, Pisces! It's more important to trust your own gut and do what you know is right than it is to make sure someone else doesn't have to compromise. Be firm this month! 


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