Madame Maryland's Horoscope: January 2020

Happy New Year, Marylanders! 2020 is full of new opportunities for us all. But it can be really hard to decide what resolution we should settle upon for the year ahead. Luckily, Madame Maryland can help! She looked into her crystal ball and saw what resolutions would suit each of the signs best. Here's what she learned. 

Aries:  Read more
There are so many great books to be read, Aries, so why not make this the year you dive into them with purpose? Don't worry about tackling the classics if they bore you -- graphic novels, bodice-rippers, and other paperbacks are just as important.
Taurus: Volunteer
There must be a cause that you hold near and dear to your heart, Taurus! This is a great year to give some of your time to that cause, whether it's helping people experiencing homelessness or helping animals find new families to love them. Get Googling -- Maryland has lots of charities and nonprofits that you can join.
Gemini: Drink more water
This one seems so simple, but let's be real, Gemini, do you actually drink as much water as you should? Make 2020 the year that you put that resuable bottle to work instead of getting the soda or the juice. Now that's a refreshing resolution if we've ever heard one!
Cancer: Declutter
The Marie Kondo craze may have come and gone, but that clutter in your home is still there. Why not use this year to tackle one room at a time and make that extraneous stuff disappear? Donate it, sell it, give it to friends, or just put it in the trash -- whatever it takes to get down to the stuff you actually need and like.
Leo: Quit a bad habit
We've all got bad habits, but Leo, you're in a perfect place to quit your own this year. Leave anything from smoking to biting your nails to buying fast food in 2019, and go into a new decade with a brand new outlook on life! 
Virgo: Develop a green thumb
No need to be envious of all of the cool plant pics you see on Instagram, Virgo! This can be the year that you create the indoor jungle of your dreams -- or, at the very least, buy a sturdy plant that you can keep alive.
Libra: Learn to cook
It may be a little too lofty of a goal to try and become a professional chef in the next twelve months, but you can master a few dishes that will impress your friends and family! Maybe you can even give yourself a signature meal by the time 2021 rolls around.
Scorpio: Be on time
If you're chronically late, Scorpio, 2020 is a great year to learn how to be more regularly on time. Before you know it, you'll be the first one out of your friends and family members to get places -- and the bragging rights may be the greatest gift you could give yourself! 
Sagittarius: Put the phone down
Whether you're glued to it at the dinner table or before bed, you may realize you're on your phone way too much, Sag! This year, why not limit (not eliminate!) the screen time and engage more with other people -- or with your own thoughts? Your eyes will thank you. 
Capricorn: Learn a new language 
Okay, total fluency is probably not going to happen in one year. But you can definitely get further than your middle school Spanish lessons with dedication and hard work. Take an online course or an in-person class, or spend more time among native speakers. 
Aquarius: Start journaling
You've got a lot going on in your head, Aquarius! Why not put the pen to the paper (or do so digitally) by journaling daily? You'll find that you can make sense of the things you've been thinking about by writing it all down. 
Pisces: Learn to budget
 Money doesn't grow on trees, but it will feel like it does once you get your budget under control! You'll be amazed at your own abilities once you really commit, Pisces -- and yes, you should treat yourself to something fancy at the end of the year. 


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