Madame Maryland's Horoscope: February 2022

Happy February, Marylanders! The new year is truly under way, and new things are just around the corner for us all. What does the coming month have in store for your star sign? Madame Maryland looked into her crystal ball -- here's what she saw. 


Sometimes, it's easier to agree with someone else just to keep the peace, but that means sacrificing your own feelings or beliefs -- and that takes a toll! Worry less about causing a scene when it really matters for you to speak up. 



Do you feel like you're everywhere at once, Taurus? You may be stretching yourself too thin -- it's time to start saying no to things you simply can't take on! Simplify your to-do list and don't feel bad about not being able to do everything in the world. 


How well are you managing your time, Gemini? This month, you may be in danger of running late or running long! Keep an eye on the clock and don't take other's time for granted. It'll serve you well both professionally and personally!


You're feeling ready to look on the sunny side of life, Cancer! Sure, there are always bumps in the road, but your outlook is pretty rosy overall. Be sure to spread that positive energy wherever you go -- someone in your life could probably use it. 


Stress could really be pushing you to the limit, Leo -- but whatever you do, don't lose your cool! Instead of freaking out on someone who may or may not deserve it, take a deep breath and find another, more productive outlet for that irritation. Journal, whack a punching bag, or listen to some loud music. 


Are you and your loved ones on the same page this month, Virgo? You may want to make absolutely sure that your communication is clear and straightforward, just to avoid any potential misunderstandings that could stress you out! When in doubt, talk it out! 


Not everything has a shortcut, Libra. Sometimes, you need to put in the time and the work to get the results that you want! Ready to take on the challenge? This month, commit yourself to reaching those goals, no matter how long it may take.


Maryland is full of amazing art museums, and this month is a great opportunity for you to visit one (or more) of them, Scorpio! Treat yourself to a quiet afternoon gazing at paintings, sculptures, and photography. You might even get inspired to make some art of your own! 


Some minds just can't be changed, Sagittarius. It's tempting to keep picking at it, but you might only be frustrating yourself with the fruitless task of trying to make a stubborn person change their ways. Give yourself permission to throw in the towel this month! 


Did somebody say road trip? February is a great time for you to gas up the car and see the sights, Cap! Whether you're planning to just stay in Maryland or roam cross-country, you'll be able to scratch your travel itch from the comfort of your car this month. 


A digital detox may be just what you need this month! Instead of spending so much time looking at your phone or TV, come up with some non-electronic things to do, like taking a walk in the woods, reading a paper book, or cooking with friends and family. Your eyes will appreciate it!


Dreaming about that new car or high-end accessory, Pisces? This month is the perfect time to start saving up for that goal! Sure, it's tempting to blow your savings on the small stuff, but don't give in to that temptation. You can do it! 


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