Madame Maryland's Horoscope: February 2018

Happy February, everyone! We're still in the thick of winter, but it seems like spring is finally on the horizon -- as long as we get through this month. So what can you expect out of February? Find out what Madame Maryland saw in her crystal ball here...
Aries: Has Cupid's arrow struck you just in time for Valentine's day? No need to be shy -- be bold and take a chance on talking to that person you've fallen head over heels for. Even if they say no thanks, at least you put yourself out there, and you'll never know until you ask! (Get in the mood for love with our Valentine's collection.)
Taurus: It's time to give yourself a little break, Taurus. You're one of the most steadfast signs of the zodiac, but that doesn't mean you can't reach your breaking point! Give yourself a day off the grind, or at least an afternoon. Go for a walk, see a movie, attend a comedy show or make something in a pottery class. Just make sure it's something you actually enjoy!
Gemini: Have you been finding yourself browsing Google Flights in search of a cheap vacation spot? It's never too early to start thinking about summer vacation, Gemini, and an amazing opportunity to go somewhere else may show up this month, right when you least expect it. (Don't forget your duffel bag when you go!)
Cancer: There's a reason that New Year's resolutions drop off around this time of year -- they're tough! But you, Cancer, are tougher. No matter what you made a commitment to do back in the beginning of January, now's the time to double down and keep that promise. After all, who wants to be known as a quitter? Not you! Let this horoscope be the sign you've been looking for not to give up.
Leo: Variety is the spice of life -- but adding a little more literal spice couldn't hurt! If you're tired of the same old sandwiches and takeout, learning to cook a few new recipes could be just what you need. (And there's nothing wrong with learning to make yourself something new so you've got an excuse to use more Old Bay, you know?)
Virgo: Most people find the time before the holidays to be the most stressful, but you might be seeing that the opposite is true. Do you feel like January was way more hectic than it should have been? Use February to find your Zen, or at least treat yourself to something nice. A spa day? A Route One shopping spree? Whatever works for you, Virgo! 
Libra:  A miscommunication could snowball into something way bigger than it needs to be this month, but luckily, it doesn't have to! Don't take chances -- instead of assuming people know what you mean, be as clear as you can be, and ask questions if you're not sure what your friend or family member's saying. Instead of figuring they're being passive aggressive, something else could be going on. Get to the bottom of it right away, and everything will be gravy.
Scorpio: This is the month where your hard work is going to get recognized, Scorpio. You've been toiling away at some project -- maybe a big presentation for a work or a huge essay for class. Whatever it is, someone is going to take notice, and it may pay off pretty handsomely! Promotions? Internship opportunities? There's a lot to be said for impressing the right person!
Sagittarius: You feel like stepping outside the box a bit this month, Sagittarius. Maybe you and your honey want to do something totally unique for Valentine's Day (Skydiving? Eating at a restaurant totally outside your normal palate?), or maybe you just want to make a drastic personal change. Now's a great time to get that haircut you've been thinking about or re-decorate your entire home! 
Capricorn: It seems like you're always saying yes, Cap -- maybe this is the month to say no to a few things. As much as you enjoy doing everything, you could really benefit from a period of time where you say, sorry, Charlie, and head home and put on your favorite comfy tee instead of taking on that extra work project or going out to a social event you know you'll hate. Give it a try -- you might be surprised at how happy it makes you. 
Aquarius: Everybody wants to be your friend this month, Aquarius! People just seem to be friendlier, or maybe they're just so drawn to your magnetic personality. This is a great time to get to know acquaintances better, or to strike up a conversation with the new person at work. By the end of the month, you won't believe you've gone so long without knowing these folks! 
Pisces: Is this winter ever going to end? Every time you think that things have warmed up, a new blast of cold temps catch you off guard. Instead of assuming the temperature is on the upswing (at least for another couple of months), keep a sweatshirt in your car so you won't get fooled again. Fingers crossed that it's a warm spring! 


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