Madame Maryland's Horoscope: December 2021

Happy December, Marylanders! The year 2021 has been a long one, but it's nearly over -- there's just one more month to contend with. What's in store in December for every sign in the zodiac? Well, Madame Maryland looked into her crystal ball, and this is what she saw:



Holiday cheer is truly here, Aries. You're ready to jump into the merry season with both feet -- and if anyone tries to dampen your enthusiasm, well, they're simply not worth listening to! Now's a great time to enjoy things fully, without judgement or overthinking. 



Your mantra for this month? Work smarter, not harder. Instead of trying to take on too many tasks, figure out how to delegate, pay for services, and prioritize! You'll feel like you've gotten it all done without all of the frenzy that comes with doing it all yourself. 


Your inner child wants to play, Gemini, especially now that winter is here! It's time to build a snowman, get into a snowball fight, or sip some of your favorite extra-chocolatey cocoa. Don't worry; your grown-up tasks and activities will be there for you when you get back. 


Don't leave it all to the last minute, Cancer! Sure, you like moving at your own pace, but it's important to stick to the schedule, whether it comes to cleaning, baking, or shopping for gifts. A little pre-prep goes a long way! 


The dollar amount of a gift does not correspond with the amount of love or care you feel for someone! That means you don't have to drain your bank account dry buying gifts, Leo. Even a small gift will be meaningful if it comes from a loving friend or family member like you. 


Are you taking out your frustrations on others, Virgo? Yes, this time of year can be a bit overwhelming, but that's no excuse to make other people feel bad just because you're having a hard time. Take a breath, take a step back, and know that everyone is doing their best. 


You're feeling awfully industrious this month, so why not try your hand at a holiday side gig? Making crafts, shoveling snow, and selling baked goods could all put a little extra jingle in your pocket this month -- perfect for spending on gifts for others or yourself. 


Some of the best gifts can't be purchased but are instead passed down! If you've got young relatives or neighbors, they might really love some of those old toys that have been cluttering your closet for years. Those dolls or building blocks could make someone new smile! 


Some stressful things just can't be avoided, but others are totally voluntary. Are you taking on way more than you actually need to this month? Take stock and figure out what you actually need to be worrying about and what could just be you pressuring yourself! 


Feeling ready to host, Cap? The holiday season is perfect for a planner like you, and you're sure to have a dinner or party that everyone will enjoy. Just be sure that you're taking some time to sit back and enjoy the celebrations, too! 


Thinking about New Year's resolutions already? Not a bad plan, Aquarius! If there's something that you've been delaying or unable to do in 2021, make a plan to make it happen in 2022. Your determination and passion will serve you well! 


The wild is calling -- will you answer? Brave the elements and get back to nature this month! There are so many amazing state parks and wild spaces here in Maryland to enjoy, and a hike or a nature walk in the cold will make you feel like a brand new person. 


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