Madame Maryland's Horoscope: December 2019

The holidays are here, and there's a big question weighing on everyone's mind: what do you get your friends and family members for Christmas? Well, Madame Maryland might be able to help. She looked into her crystal ball, and this is the gift guide for each of the signs that she saw.

This sign is defined by their boldness and their desire to get ahead in life -- they're not going to blend in with the crowd! This bold Old Bay can tumbler is perfect for this on-the-go sign. 
If you know a Taurus, you know they love to relax and take it easy (think Ferdinand the bull rather than a raging, angry critter). They'll love a soothing candle with a pleasant scent, like sugar cookie or blue spruce. 
Geminis have a hard time making up their minds, and they're curious about just about everything. That's why they love going on spontaneous adventures -- and this backpack is the perfect gift for them.  
Cancers love to wear their feelings on their sleeves, so why not give them a fun, long-sleeved sweatshirt to wear? This You Had Me at Old Bay hoodie is great for a soft and romantic sign like this one. 
Leos adore having all eyes on them, and they're fans of bold clothing that will attract questions like "Where did you get that?" (Route One Apparel, of course!) Why not treat them to this striking yellow and red reversible Maryland scarf?  
Virgos are practical folks who have an eye for beautiful things, and a Route One cutting board is the gift that marries their love of style and function! They'll want to show it off to everyone who comes over. 
Libras are great collaborators and are good at sharing, too. They'll love snuggling up in this big, cozy Old Bay blanket -- and they'll be equally excited to invite someone else to cuddle underneath it, too. 
Known for being passionate, Scorpios will want to show everybody how much they care about their home state, and this Maryland flag mosaic is perfect for any Scorpio's home! 
Social and friendly, people born under this sign are natural hosts and hostesses. Make their next gathering even better by gifting them a few of these attractive and practical wine charms
This serious sign can have fun -- especially when it comes to travel! Capricorns love going to new places, and they're sure to be perfectly packed and organized for the trip. Make their journey even better with a Maryland luggage tag
Aquarians are determined to get out and change the world, but that's hard to do when they're sleepy! Perk this determined sign right back up with a bag of their very own Nevermore Wired coffee -- they'll enjoy it again and again. 
Creative and artsy, Pisces are the perfect recipients for art prints! This gorgeous infographic print about Maryland and all of the things that make it great is ideal for the home of this fun, fishy sign. 


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