Madame Maryland's Horoscope: August 2019

August has arrived, and summer is going to start winding down soon...but that doesn't mean you can't still get the most out of the season. This is the perfect time to live life to the fullest! Want some more direction? Madame Maryland looked to the stars, and this is what she saw:

Has summertime gotten to your head? Are you feeling lazy and bored? It's time to shake things up, Aries! No more putting off that language that you were planning to learn or that visit to a weird shop or museum that you've been considering for weeks, months, or years. Seize the day and shake off that listlessness! 
You're feeling carefree this month, Taurus -- life's short, so why take it too seriously? This fun attitude is great, but don't forget that some things should be treated with the gravity that they deserve. There's plenty of time to goof off and joke around later. 
This is the perfect month to unleash your inner scout and prepare, Gemini! Whether you're getting ready for a vacation, a new place to live, a potential pet, or even just something as simple as your meals for the next week, you're going to be in a mood to get ready all month long. And you know you'll be pretty proud of your efforts later! 
When opportunity knocks, you'll be the one to open the door, Cancer. A potentially amazing job, new friendship, or other cool thing is on the way, but you're going to need to be looking out for it -- it won't just drop in your lap! Be confident and keep your eyes open, and you'll be rewarded with that thing you've been waiting for.
Is there such thing as too much attention? Leo, you may just find out the answer to that question this month -- you may be craving a little bit of alone time, just a little bit! Don't feel bad about (nicely) letting others know that you need some breathing room. Even spotlight-loving signs like yourself could use a break.
Motivation can come from the most unexpected places, Virgo. Maybe a little kid will say something profound, or maybe you'll read a really inspiring line in a book this month. When you see or hear that, take it as a sign! You're getting a little bit of advice from the universe, and you should take it.
This month, you may be wondering what you can do to help others. There's so much that you can offer to the world and the people (and animals!) in it, and all you need to do is find a way to get started. Why not use this month to take the initiative of volunteering or donating to those in need?
What's the last thing that you did purely for your own happiness, Scorpio? If you're having trouble thinking of an answer, it's a clear sign that August is a great month to treat yourself. And don't for a moment think you can't do it alone! Go to a movie, grab ice cream, or make yourself your favorite dish. We promise you've earned it. 
Old habits die hard, and you may come to the realization this month that you've only been doing something because you're used to doing it. Maybe you didn't like green beans as a kid, so you've avoided them your whole life -- and maybe this is the month you'll learn you actually love green beans. Who knows what you'll discover?
Has the time come to face a fear of yours, Capricorn? You're not the type to let anyone see you sweat, but that may lead you to just avoid the things that make you scared instead of dealing with them. August is the perfect month to dip your toe in the water and figure out how to take on your fear with all of your usual gusto.
It's easy to have a conversation without actually listening, Aquarius, and you may realize that you've been having some conversations you didn't really listen to! Don't worry -- it happens to everyone, and August is a great time to work on your active listening skills. Your friends, family members, and coworkers will love being able to confide in the new and improved you! 
Letting go is tough, especially for an emotional sign like yourself. But you can't hold onto everything forever! Use this month to do a little bit of physical or emotional housekeeping, Pisces. Why not go into autumn feeling squeaky clean and ready to bring cool new things into your life?  


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