Madame Maryland's Horoscope: April 2022

Happy April, Marylanders! Spring is in the air, even if Maryland doesn't always recognize it. What's in store, other than wacky Maryland weather? Madame Maryland looked into her crystal ball, and here's what she saw for your sign. 


You've got a can-do attitude this month, Aries! This is the month for goal setting, and, more importantly, goal reaching! No matter what you're aiming for this month, you'll be sure to achieve it with that fire that's been lit within you. Don't stop until you've succeeded! 



Things have a way of circling back to where they started, don't they? Maybe things are coming back around to a previous point, and now you have the benefit of new insight and new experience. Use your knowledge well this time around! 


Taking big risks might not be a great idea right now, but small risks could be fun and harmless! Enter a raffle, make a friendly bet with a pal, or get into a contest that could pay off with a fun treat. You'll still enjoy the thrill without any real possibility of trouble: win-win! 


A little sleep could do you some serious good, Cancer! Be honest -- are you spending too much time on your phone or laptop when you could be getting that good shut-eye instead? Use April to focus on sleep hygiene, and you'll enter summer feeling like a whole new person. 


When's the last time you really spend some good, quality time outdoors, Leo? Getting a breath of fresh air isn't just great for you in a metaphorical sense -- it's important in a literal one, too. Go for a bike ride or take a hike! It's a great way to start off your spring. 


Someone giving you suggestions on how to improve isn't trying to attack you, Virgo! You may have confidence in your own skills and abilities, but that doesn't mean there's never room for improvement. Take criticism and help with grace this month, and your life will improve for it. 


Everyone is entitled to an opinion, Libra, but that doesn't mean your input is always necessary! This month, think about whether your hot take is actually serving a purpose -- your best bet sometimes is to sit things out instead of putting your foot in your mouth. Being prudent never hurts! 


There are so many sights to see; why not drive down to DC to see the cherry blossoms or the monuments? If you'd rather stay in the state, springtime is a great opportunity to see the mountains, lakes, and state parks burst back into bloom. 


Whether you have a green thumb or not, April is a great time to try out something new when it comes to gardening! Maybe you're ready for a picky new houseplant; maybe you're ready for something simple, like a plot of beans. No matter what you choose, love and care will lead to some amazing results. 


Whatever makes you feel radiant, Capricorn, that's what you should focus on this month! If the winter blahs have been getting you down, well, this month is the time to shake it off and focus on what makes you feel amazing. Before you know it, you'll be ready to take on anything! 


Is your anxiety climbing this month? Maybe there's something that's been simmering on the back burner for awhile. Now's the time to move it to the front! Tackling your fears head-on this month will help you move past them, and it'll feel awfully good to have it over with. 


Don't be shy about making recommendations! This month, share some things you love with people who you know will properly appreciate them. From movie recommendations to playlists, your great taste can be shared far and wide -- and more importantly, it should be! 


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