Madame Maryland's Horoscope: April 2021

Happy April, Marylanders! Spring is in full swing, the weather's slowly getting nicer, and there's so much potential to have an amazing month. But what does April have in store for your sign? Well, Madame Maryland looked into her crystal ball, and here's what she saw.


Need a second opinion, or maybe even a third? This is the perfect month to talk to someone (or a few people) with more know-how about a topic you’re trying to learn more about, Aries. Get good advice about your health or career from someone who really knows what they’re talking about instead of going at it alone.



Forgetting something? No, really, are you forgetting something, Taurus? If your brain has been in a fog, well, this month is the perfect time to try and get more organized so you don’t get surprised by a bill or an exam.


When should you listen to your gut, and when should you listen to your head instead? This month, it’s time to figure out the difference between logical reasoning and good instincts. Life’s all about balancing the two, and this is the perfect time to strike that balance.

Dreading that serious conversation or big task that you’ve been putting off? You might find that it doesn’t go nearly as painfully as you imagine it will! Think positive this month -- things could go much better than you expect, Cancer, and that anxiety-provoking situation might end up being smooth sailing instead.
A huge gesture isn’t always necessary to show someone you care about them. Something as simple as buying your bestie lunch or giving your mom her favorite candy could really make their day! Even if it doesn’t feel like much, it could be exactly what that person needs this month.

Who says you’re not allowed to spoil yourself every now and then? Sure, it’s a good idea to not go hog wild, Virgo, but there’s no reason to deny yourself that nice dinner or swimsuit that you’ve had your eye on. After all, it’s been a long, cold, drag of a winter, and you’ve definitely earned it. 


No more sitting around on the sidelines. It’s time to be bold! Whether that’s trying that daring new hair color, speaking up for something you believe in, or cutting that toxic person out of your life, this is the month to make that big change that you know will be for the better, Libra.


This month is all about balancing how much effort you’re putting into things. After all, hard work is the secret ingredient to success, but if you’re not taking any time off, you could grind yourself down too much! Instead of going way too far in one direction or the other, work on giving both hard and rest a role in your life.

Sure, it can be fun to shock people, but shock value doesn’t always have a place. If you’re saying outrageous things just to get a reaction, it could backfire in ways that you might not be able to take back. Be thoughtful about what you’re saying and what kind of jokes you’re making this month!
You’re feeling ready for a new challenge, and you’re not going to settle for anything easy. You’ve got the energy and motivation to tackle anything that’s coming your way! Don’t lose momentum. By the end of the month, you’ll have some cool new achievement under your belt.

No need to read too much into things this month. Sometimes, things are just a coincidence, or are just meant to be taken at surface level. If you spend a lot of energy trying to find depth where there isn’t any, you’re just going to be worn out and unhappy -- pick your battles and let the rest go.
Change can be scary and uncomfortable, Pisces, but it can also be incredibly exciting. This month, allow yourself to feel that excitement! Whatever changes are coming can lead to something incredibly rewarding, and those nerves are there to help you be prepared for the new chapter of your life.


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