Madame Maryland's Horoscope: April 2020

Staying in and away from others is so key right now. Social distancing will help us flatten the curve -- but that doesn't mean that you have to be bored while you're keeping the rest of Maryland healthy. Madame Maryland looked into her crystal ball, and saw what each of the signs should be doing to stay busy!
Aries: A new video game 
Maybe you've been gaming since you were old enough to hold a controller. Maybe you've never attempted anything more advanced than Pac-Man. Either way, why not unwind with a new video game? Decorate your Animal Crossing island with Maryland flags or kick some booty in Doom: Eternal.
Taurus: Baking
You're a super-cozy earth sign who loves to be home anyway, so why not go full tilt and try your hand at baking something up? Use that Betty Crocker cake mix from the back of your pantry, or attempt bread from scratch. It'll make your home smell so, so good! 
Gemini: Music 
Whether you're discovering new Spotify playlists or plugging in the karaoke machine, music is sure to make you happy while you're hanging out at home. Who cares if you aren't the world's best singer? Belt a few of your favorite tunes in the shower anyway! 
Cancer: Poetry
Creativity is always a great way to combat tough times. And a soulful, emotional sign like yourself if perfectly suited to crafting the perfect poem to capture the mood! Who knows -- you might find that you're pretty good at making the perfect haiku or nailing the super-tough sonnet. 
Leo: Podcasts
It's not the same as social interaction, Leo, but it can feel pretty darn close! Laugh along with your favorite comedy shows, or give yourself a good scare by listening to the popular true crime genre (Serial, anyone?). And if you're feeling particularly bold, why not start your own? 
Virgo: Organizing
We're willing to bet your home is already pretty organized, Virgo, but there are always new things to get in order. Take a day to really tackle those closets (yes, all of them! Even those drawers you never look in!), or free your cutlery drawer from the weird accessories you never use (more room for crab mallets).
Libra: Language learning
Is that pesky DuoLingo owl bothering you with constant emails and reminders? If you can't beat em, join em, and besides, this is the perfect time to brush up on your high school French or Spanish. Or go for something wild -- teach yourself Elvish or Klingon! 
Scorpio: Crossword puzzles
No, this hobby isn't just for your grandma! Crossword puzzles are a great way to challenge your brain and keep it from turning to goo. The rush you'll feel when you finish your first one is amazing, and you can do plenty online through major newspapers like the Washington Post.
Sagittarius: Photo editing
Okay, so you can't go out and take beautiful photos like you used to, but you probably have tons of photos on your phone that are waiting for a good edit! A quick Google search will find you all kinds of cool software, apps, and tips that you can use to make those photos look their most Insta-worthy.
Capricorn: Journaling
You probably have a lot of feelings right now, Cap. Why not put the pen to paper -- literally? An old-school journal is a great way to get some emotional release, and you can practice your penmanship while you're at it. (Or heck, why not re-read your old journal posts and reminisce about your middle school woes?)
Aquarius: Cooking
If the Postmates delivery person is now on a first-name basis with you, it may be time to take up cooking as a hobby! Get inspired by watching videos from Tasty or Food Network, and then try your hand at whipping up a tasty meal. Listen, it doesn't need to be gourmet -- just yummy. 
Pisces: Meditating
If the stress is getting to you, now is a perfect time to start meditating! Take some time to research what meditation is actually about and how it can help you feel calmer and more grounded. Your mental health will thank you! 


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